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Who is the elegant woman?

'How to be elegant?' is a question many women ask.

Welcome to The Elegant Woman, a gentle guide for women to timeless chic, grace and poise. It is a personal insight into the art of refinement and living graciously.

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The Elegant Woman website is the result of an on-going study on 'How To Be Elegant' and on being absolutely lovely.

It is splattered with sassy tips of obtaining a little joie de vivre - the joy of living well, and with simple everyday elegance.

How did this site come about?

Well, it started years ago in a journal where I wrote down notes and thoughts about the art of living elegantly. This helped my aspiration to become woman I dreamt to be. Years later, I decided to transfer those notes to this site and continue here.

While 'How To Be An Elegant Woman' is my theme, it merely serves as a framework of the interests of other like-minded women.

I'm looking a little dazed here.

Like many women, I am interested in achieving elegance in areas of

I enjoy reading, researching, reflecting and draw my lessons on books, history and interviews.

Elegance is a way of life, and I try to live my life as elegantly as possible.

Though I may not have arrived, I believe my education of this way of life is a work in progress. I am still finding my way and I write about it here.

Regardless of how you may feel, if you have desire, you can become the woman you dream to be. And you do, because you're still here! It is never too late to be what you thought you could have been.

Most of all, I hope that these pages are a source of love and encouragement.

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Table of Contents

Site Search - Search
Site Search - Search
The Elegant Woman Blog
The Elegant Woman Blog
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Shop at's Boutique. My personal recommendations.
Timeless Fashion: The Art of Elegant Style
Timeless Style. How does Audrey Hepburn look timeless? How to attain Audrey Hepburn's Style? How do designs become classic? We take a look at elegant fashion, elegant dressing and elegant styles.
Elegant Self Confidence - How To Be Elegant
To obtain elegant self confidence. Who is the elegant woman? How may we become like her? Read about the mystery of self confidence, poise, taste, class, timelessness and grace.
Elegant Wardrobe Essentials - A Classic Wardrobe of An Elegant Woman
Wardrobe essentials - Wardrobe refashioning, a guide to a building a basic wardrobe for the elegant woman.
The Elegant Sophisticated Woman
Who is the elegant sophisticated woman? Learn how to be sophisticated and elegant. Beware of the vulgar sophisticated types.
Personal Grooming For An Elegant Lady
Personal Grooming for elegant women. It is not about vanity. It tells people what you think about yourself. Have never taken a self grooming class before? The breakdowns of one's own grooming lesson plans here.
How To Be Classy - Classically Elegant
How To Be Classy - A Classically Elegant Woman. By far, this is the best way to achieve a classy personality and image.
Secrets of Elegance e-book
Secrets of Elegance e-book A step by step guide on how to be elegant. Discover the secrets of womanly poise and confidence in this book based on the observations and study of elegant women. Written in both a manual and workbook style, Secrets Of Elegance enables the woman to learn about the roots of elegance and to contrive her own elegant manner and style. It provides the roadmap to achieving and maintaining gracefulness and taste.
Top Tips : Quick And Easy Ways To Become Elegant
Easy Tips to add elegance. Being elegant is about simple choices.
How To Be Lovely
How to be lovely as Audrey Hepburn. 'Elegance must be combined with loveliness, because one does not desire to be elegant for themselves but for everyone around her.' - unknown
What is Poise? How To Be A Woman With Poise
How do we develop Poise? Poise is composure and dignity of manner. It is a graceful and elegant bearing in a person.
An Elegant Life - The Art Of Elegant Living
An elegant life is true luxury, which may not necessarily mean spending money. Just my insights about the art of living well
Manners and Etiquette - How To Be Exquisite.
Manners and Etiquette. The difference between manners and etiquette. Why we should have manners first before learning etiquette.
Elegant Entertaining. How to Be the Gracious host.
How do you entertain elegantly? Elegant entertaining is more than throwing a party with Alfred Gratien Cuvee Paradis Brut NV Champagne. It is way of life.
Sitemap of
Sitemap of
Elegant Decorating - How to Make Your Home Elegant
Elegant decorating - how to make your home elegant. Use elegant home accents, elegant home decor ... this article shows you how.
Emily Post Manners On The Art of Conversation
Going to a party? Emily Post Manners on the Art of Conversation teaches you how to talk to anyone and gives social confidence.
Simply Sophisticated Women
Characteristics of simply sophisticated women analyzed. Learn how to get an 'Avant Garde' confidence with sophisticated finishes.
Classical Education - A Path To Elegance
Classical Education, I've found is beneficial in a woman's personal study of elegance, especially if she desires to obtain a more sophisticated sort of elegance. Read more about what is classical education.
Classical Education
Classical Education
Motherhood Stories - Elegant Motherhood
Elegant Motherhood Stories to inspire us all on raising pedigree, refined, happy and excellent children. Welcome to our Elegant Motherhood Section of
Etiquette Topics on
A list of etiquette topics on - etiquette questions, social etiquette, dining etiquette, telephone etiquette etc.
Elegant Weddings
A list of our elegant wedding pages.
Deportment and Manners - Elegance through Expressions, Poise and Carriage
A study of deportment and manners of graceful women. The poise that knowledge gives.
Becoming a Woman of the Finest Class - A guide to class and refinement (ebook)
Becoming a Woman of the Finest Class Book is a guide to class and refinement. More information about the book or to buy the book is on this page.
Table Etiquette - How to behave at the table
Table Etiquette - How to behave at the table and have good table manners. Table etiquette is more than proper table manners or knowing the difference between american table manners or continental style, it is the art of the table.
Elegant Woman Shop
Elegant Woman Shop
Deportment Course
Deportment Course
French Elegant Woman
French Elegant Woman

Before You Read

Hello and welcome! This site is something like a personal journal - it is neither an authority on elegance nor a professional site. FAQ.

Elegant Lessons

Periodically, I write about my latest discoveries about my study of elegance.
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    I recognize but one mental acquisition as a necessary part of the education of a lady or gentleman, namely, an accurate and refined use of the mother tongue. - Dr Charles W. Eliot

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