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eunice leong
Hi my name is Eunice and I've been fascinated by elegant living, elegant being since the very first time I've watched Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, Sabrina and Breakfast's at Tiffany's.

I had a beautiful childhood, where I often found myself alone at home where I did some serious dreaming. It is in those tea parties which I hosted with my teddy bears where in my mind I imagined beautiful gardens and meadows and in my books where I visited French castles and travelled the world.

I've always assumed that all my dreams will come true, like what I've seen in movies and read in books and fairytales.

But then reality set in, I've found that not everything I've learnt in school, was what I wanted to learn. There were no answers to what I was seeking for. I struggled through the phases of insecurities, from interacting with people to my self image as I grew into an adult.

Instead of retreating into my shell, I went on a rampage to research and improve, to learn about myself, my strengths, my talents and about others. I wanted a beautiful life. I read as much as I could, travelled as widely and met many people from all walks of life, many whom I owe many gems of wisdom which has changed my life.

I've sought to learn how to handle situations and most importantly, and I've learnt to make good choices. I don't think I can say I'll never make a bad choice again... but I now believe life is a journey of personal refinement - if I choose to live that way.

Somewhere along the way, I've discovered that I have a passion for helping women like myself. Especially those who sometimes doubt themselves, their beauty, their worth which affect their beautiful confidence.

Through all the mistakes and embarrassment I've gone through, I'd always wished someone told me. But I thank God for that, because that created a deep thirst of knowledge especially with life skills that directly influence how I want to live my life.


Just like a diamond in the rough, every woman's personal self confidence is precious, which needs honing, and will shine brighter than any stone as it gets polished.

Confidence to me is knowing what to do in every situation. I love a confident woman with a subtle dignity and self respect. That is the woman I want to be and everything in these pages are about that.

I'm no role model and there are a hundred of things I need to get better at before I can say I've arrived but hey, I'm hanging on to that dream, the one I had when I was merely ten, when I truly believed that I will be the most beautiful, elegant me.

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Read About My Passion For Womanhood

I spent the last decade of my life in the United States and Australia, though I've been living in Singapore recently.

Supporting me in all my dreams and goals is my wonderful family, especially my mother, whom I owe so much. I've always walked on a narrow path and lived my life through crazy ideas and unconventional aspirations.

elegant woman paris

C and I in Paris, having a Fanta break and some Onion Soup!

Skiing is my number one favorite sport!

classically elegant sport, skiing

I've worked with many web designers before in my jobs and businesses and they have been extremely frustrating. This is almost as easy as blogging!

I want to encourage everyone who wants to build a website to document their journey, perhaps share a bit of knowledge of your own to use SBI! because it does all the weird programming for you and allows us to focus on what we want to communicate.

Thank you for reading 'about me'!

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