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Fascinating Womanhood
Week Five Review

Part 1: Introduction to Femininity

Objective: To learn what femininity is, how it is acquired and the feelings it awakens in a man

A. How Does Femininity Make a Man Feel?

  1. Masculine. This is an enjoyable experience.
  2. Awakens a desire to protect, shelter.

B. Four Ways a Woman Should be Feminine

  1. In her appearance
  2. In her manner
  3. In her nature
  4. In her work, or her role in life

Part 2: The Feminine Appearance

feminine clothes and accessories

A. How to Achieve a Feminine Appearance

  1. Things to Avoid: Masculine looking clothes, fabrics, accessories, patterns. Baggy looking clothes, extremely short haircuts etc.

  2. Things to include: feminine looking clothes, fabrics, accessories, styles. Grooming and make up!

  3. Stress: Modesty of dress is important as well.

B. What the Feminine Appearance Does

When you dress in feminine clothes and are well groomed, it increases your feeling of self esteem. You'll feel better about yourself. You are encouraged to act more feminine in the way you walk, move your hands, sit and conduct yourself. The outer appearance encourages the feminine nature.

C. How the Feminine Appearance affects men:

A feminine appearance brings out a favourable response in a man. As you acquire a more feminine appearance, he will notice you more.

D. In Achieving a Feminine Appearance, work for:

  1. A striking contrast between yourself and men.
  2. An overall impression of softness, femininity.

To achieve a feminine appearance, the important thing to remember is the over-all impression you make. It is not necessary to wear ruffles and lace, but do work for a striking contrast to masculinity.

Part 3: The Feminine Manner

A. What is the feminine manner?

The feminine manner consists of gentle motions of a woman's body, in contrast to a man's masculine manner.

B. How to Achieve a Feminine Manner

Avoid masculine motion:
  1. Don't use your hands in a stiff, brusque, efficient, firm, or strong manner.
  2. Don't walk with a heavy gait or long strides
  3. Avoid the following qualities in the voice: loudness, firmness, efficiency, boldness, dullness, mumbling, monotonous, singsong.
  4. Don't laugh loudly or in a vulgar manner.
  5. Don't use facial expression that suggest anger, coldness, bitterness, resentment, disgust, or stubborness.
  6. Don't indulge in conversation that is harsh, bitter, critical, impatient, crude, vulgar or unrefined.
  7. Don't pick your nose, scratch yourself, or blow your nose in public.
  8. Don't stroke your husband's back in public, caress his hair, or fondle him.
  9. Don't slap anyone on the back.
  10. Don't talk loud, whistle or yell.
  11. Don't roar at jokes.
  12. Don't gulp food or eat noisily.
  13. Don't drink by throwing your head back.
  14. Don't sit with legs apart, or one leg across the other.
Acquire gentleness of manner in
  1. The hands
  2. The walk
  3. The Voice
  4. The laugh
  5. Facial expressions
  6. Conversation
  7. and pursue refinement

In Areas of Smoking and Drinking

No Smoking: Not only does a woman appear unfeminine when smoking, but it ruins her voice. After a woman has smoked for 10-20 years her voice loses its feminine qualities and takes on a masculine tone.

No drinking: When people drink, they lose restraint, self-control, tend to become coarse and loud. Women tend to lose femininity.

Men's Reaction to Feminine Manner

Makes a man feel, in contrast, more masculine. Awakens a tender, protective feeling.

Part 4: The Feminine Nature

A. Characteristics of the Feminine Nature:

  1. Weakness: There is a kind of weakness, softness and delicateness, compared to the man's strong and firm nature. This does not imply weakness in a negative way, such as weakness of character, or lack of moral courage

  2. Submissiveness: The feminine nature is submissive, trustful and adaptable, all yielding qualities which make her a good follower to her husband's leadership.

  3. Dependency: Feminine women can depend on men to lead them, protect them from heavy, strenuous work, rough work, danger, harm and difficulty.

  4. Tenderness: Tender feelings for the helpless, innocent, suffering. She is easily awakened to pity, sympathy.

  5. Fearfulness of both real dangers (stormy seas) and 'unreal dangers'(strange noises, spiders).

Men feel more masculine, stronger, more capable, more protective, loving and tender in the presence of a dependent, feminine woman.

Look for movie characters, novel characters for inspiration. Make a scrapbook or page and place it somewhere that you'll see everyday to inspire you to be a more feminine woman.

B. Characteristics of Capable Women

  1. Dominating: Bossy, pushy
  2. Capable: Have the skills and abilities men have. Are efficient in an office and in handling tools
  3. Independent: They don't need masculine care ad protection. They are courageous and brave, can get along in the world without men.

Men feel unmasculine, uncomfortable, ineffectual, humiliated in the presence of a dominating, capable, independent woman.

C. How to Awaken Your Feminine Nature

  1. Acquire a feminine attitude
  2. Eliminate the masculine work
  3. If stuck with a masculine job, do it in a femininie manner
  4. Be submissive
  5. Don't subdue tender emotions
  6. Don't subdue fearfulness
  7. Don't try to excel him in masculine things
  8. Invite his care and protection
  9. Live your feminine role

Part 5: The Feminine Role vs. the Working Wife

Reasons women work are to provide more income and for fulfillment.

However, before you pursue a full time career, think about whether it will take over your priorities to your family and your husband. Is your femininity and marriage compromised?

Sometimes you simply need to work because there is a compelling emergency or when your husband is furthering his education. Of course, you may work when your children are grown.

Review the problems of careers when they take over home and family priorities as well as might make your husband feel less needed and therefore less masculine.

How to quit work: Reduce expenses, consider making a part time income perhaps?

How to help him become a more adequate provider: Build his confidence in himself, provide a peaceful home atmosphere as well as live all of F.W.

Part 6: Summary of Femininity

A. What is femininity?

  1. Qualities: Gentleness, softness, delicateness, submissiveness

  2. Lack of male attributes: Aggressiveness, competency, efficiency, fearlessness, strength

  3. A need for: Masculine care and protection.

Four Ways To Be Feminine

Appearance, Manner, Nature, Feminine Role

How is femininity lost?

  1. By a masculine appearance or manner

  2. By being dominating, bossy, pusy, demanding

  3. By being independent, self-supporting

  4. By doing heavy, rough work

How is Femininity acquired?

  1. Appearance: Work on an overall impression of softness, and a striking contrast to the appearance of men.

  2. Manner: Acquire a gentle, tender, womanly manner in the motion of the hands, walk, sound of voice, laugh, facial expression, conversation, refinement

  3. Nature: Develop a nature that is soft, delicate, tender, submissive, dependent, fearful of dangers.

  4. Feminine role: devotedly live, honor, and enjoy your feminine role as an understanding wife, devoted mother and successful homemaker

The Key to Femininity

  1. Acquire a striking contrast to men, in appearance, manner, nature and role.
  2. Acquire an overall impression of softness, gentleness, tenderness, dependence and submissiveness.

Part 7: What is Radiant Happiness

As taught earlier, inner happiness must be earned by building the character, whereas radiant happiness is a voluntary quality such as when you suddenly decide to smile.

Radiant happiness is one of the real charms men find fascinating in women, counting far more than beauty of face and form.

Men admire pretty girls as they do beautiful pictures and scenes from nature, but they search for radiant, smiling women to be their life's companions.

Women who lack beauty of face and form due to irregular features often turn out to be real charmers.

Women have always tried to be attractive to men, however their emphasis has been on clothes, hairstyles and make up. More important is their smiling face and sunny disposition.

How to Acquire Radiant Happiness?

  1. Work for inner happiness
  2. Make a conscious effort
  3. Radiate happiness to all
Review the lessons of Your Best Self now!

Thank you for reading 'Fascinating Womanhood Week Five Review'!

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