A woman I know unnecessarily avoids me

by Ginny
(NY, NY)

A woman who was in my dance class for two years sits in the same commuter train car that I do. When the train arrives, she does everything she can possibly do to avoid greeting me (looks down in her lap, looks out the window, waits to get up until I have left the train). It's obvious that the is avoiding me; she works in the office building next to mine, and a few times over the past years we've walked from the station to our office buildings together.... I guess a few too many times for her!

I don't want a daily walking buddy, and I enjoy the morning walk alone as well. It makes me uncomfortable that she's obviously avoiding me. What can I say to her to let her know it's OK, that she needn't avoid me and that I get the hint?

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Feb 01, 2010
Live and let live
by: Anonymous

She may have low self esteem and feels that she would be a bother to you. Don't try to avoid her. If you should catch her eye, smile and say "How are you?" Then look away just to let her know you have no animosity. If the frost melts, then you may be a little friendlier.

However, if she sniffs and looks away hastily and haughtily. You know she is no friend of yours. At that point you can avoid her as well or you can ask her if you have somehow offended her. Some gossip may have misinformed her about you. This will give you an opportunity to clear the air.

At any rate, don't waste time thinking unpleasant thoughts. Live and let live.

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