Am I a Snob?

by morrison aldrich
(farmington conn.)

i met a young lady that was waiting for the train. she was wearing a raincoat and hat as the weather was quite nasty.we talked for quite sometime and i thought wow..i asked her to dinner.we decided to meet at a restaurant,locally. to shorten the story.

she arrived wearing an outfit that was tacky and appeared was horrendous and appeared very cheap.her jewelry was dreadful and i was i the snob? i would have liked a nice outfit with simple jewelry.

you can be on a budget and dress appropriate. the outfit looked cheap as well as shoes and handbag. she is lovely but i think our taste is going to clash.i also noticed her nail polish was chipped and a need for a good hairdresser.

should i try to change her style if the friendship develops? she wore mega bangles on her wrist and i thought how my mother liked a thick gold bracelet with sentimental charms. she even wore this in the evenings.those bangles were cheap looking on this girl..i think my mother can help! do i have a problem because i like a nicely dressed girl?

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Oct 10, 2010
Another angle.
by: Neona

Perhaps she looked cheap, because she was cheap? I don't say such as an insult, but rather, financially. Is it possible that this woman dressed the way she did, because that's all she was able to afford?

It is said, that you can only make a first impression once. However, I urge you on the side of caution. Get to know this girl before you label her. Perhaps she simply does not have the means to dress in any other manner. - Nx

May 05, 2010
How much do you like her?
by: Eunice replies

I suppose we are only human when we have these thoughts at some point, whether it was about 'looking cheap' or someone being inappropriately dressed. Though it is probably better to keep those thoughts to yourself and try to look for the good.

What kind of girl you like - that's your personal taste, no one should influence you on that.

My 2 cents worth, it is better to move on than to try to change a person. Even if you help her, personal refinement has got to be desired, otherwise it will take a long time and may prove to be an ineffective and worthless effort.

Also, I feel that if you really like her, you'll be able to see past that. If it irks you too much, you probably do not like her as much.

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