Am I wrong to feel angry about this?

by Alaskan wife
(Homer, AK)

I believe it is proper that when several dishes are served at dinner (meat, vegetable, bread, salad, etc.) that they are all put on your plate when served and then eaten. My husband insists on putting just salad all over his plate and eating that, perhaps with some bread. In the meantime, everything else is getting cooled off. In my family as I was growing up, we put everything on our plate and just ate it. I feel my husband wants me to act as a waitress and serve the salad course then main dish. This would mean the other dishes would be kept warm and then brought to the table when he finishes his salad...I work and he is retired and doesn't so this causes me to think I am being forced into a waitress role. At the end of the day when I have cooked dinner, I want to sit down and just eat it!

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Feb 21, 2013
My Husband Is the Same Way NEW
by: Kristine

My husband is the same as yours. He wants to eat his salad first. He says it helps him to not eat so much of the other stuff which he feels is for the most part higher in calories and it's a good way to keep him from getting too hungry (irritable) before the meal arrives. If I serve him a salad with his food he will eat the salad first even if it means the rest gets cold. So, I just give him a salad before the rest of the food is done. I used to get annoyed at my husband just as you do until my husband explained the reasons why he likes to eat a salad first.

Nov 22, 2011
bigger than salad NEW
by: Anonymous

You have bigger problems than salad on your plate or no salad on your plate. If you're holding onto resentment over something as minor as this... wow. Again, if you can't talk to your husband about how you feel... big problem.

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