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Anti-aging Skin Care Tips

Very basic Anti-aging Skin Care Tips that I use...for elegant ladies and skincare beginners.

I've always believed that the foundation to an elegant appearance is clear good skin. Of course, hair and make up and the rest of it are important too, nonetheless. However, when you find something that works for your skin, it makes it much easier to have an elegant appearance!

There are tonnes written out there about skin care but I'm writing this article for the woman who is finding herself without much knowledge i.e. ground zero. Don't worry, it's nothing to be ashamed of. I myself didn't have anyone to teach me. I didn't have a sister and my mother belonged to the soap and water generation.

Since the advancement of asethetics - research has proven that there are more to good skin than soap and water. I myself have read a fair share, tried and tested some theories. Here are the most basic anti-aging skin care tips.

Most Basic Anti aging Skin Care Tips

1. What You Eat

2. Skin Care Routine

3. Vitamins and supplements

What You Eat

It is true. You are what you eat. If I could summarize, it would be, "Eat fresh". I'm not a nutritionist, but please eat according to your body type and lifestyle. There are many books you can read up on this.

Skin Care Routine

This is what I want to focus on.

You'll need some basic products. Some women swear by 12 steps and use a tonne of products, but this system should be tried and tested on your own as everybody is different.

Step 1: Use a cleanser

Some call it facial wash. There are many different types. If you are new, try a mild one. Read it's label. It should say 'mild' or 'gentle' or 'for sensitive skin'. Usually, these are the ones you wash off with water afterwards.

The current toner I use.

Step 2: Use a toner

If you are purchasing a toner for the first time, buy the same brand as your cleanser. And get some cotton wool. Dab some toner on it and swipe every area of your face gently.

This is what I use.

Step 3: Use a serum

Serums come in day and night form. Of course, some can be used for both day and night. They are basically concentrated beauty creams that used to only be exclusive to beauty salons.

Here are some of my favourites!

day time serum
My day serum

night serum
My night serum

Step 4: facial moisturizer

There are also day and night moisturizers, but I use one for all, just to keep things simple.

Note: Night time Routine and Exfoliating

If you wear make up, you've got to get a make up remover to ensure all traces of make up are removed. You should also get an exfoliating lotion or a brush/sponge to ensure you get rid of dead skin cells once a week. See exfoliate face

Vitamins and Supplements

At the very least, take one multivitamin. I don't think what we eat today is sufficient for us in getting our nutrients, no matter how hard we try. The food we get is not what it used to be!

You can also visit a nutritionist for more advice.

Other Anti aging Skin Care Tips

1. Sleep well and sleep early and sleep enough!

2. Drink lots of good water.

3. Try to breathe in good, clean, fresh air. If you live in the city like me, get an air purifier

4. Change your pillowcase often.

5. Sleep facing the ceiling

6. Go for a facial once a month.

7. Get plenty of exercise!

8. Use facial masks at home as much as possible.

9. If you've got some extra cash, read and research into some asthetic beauty devices, both for home treatment or at the salon such as the TALIKA Paris Light DUO .

10. Avoid the sun. Wear sun screen.

11. Avoid sugar as much as you can!

12. Have fun with this. Do your own beauty research and find your own anti aging skin care tips and secrets!

So, dear readers, what are some of your favourite anti aging skin care tips?

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