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I get all sorts of emails and questions everyday. I'm unable to personally answer all of them here but I'll try my best! I read all of them though.

I hope you'll have a fun read anyway. Much love, me.

Write To Me

'Write To Me' is one of my favorite sections of I get so many questions sent everyday, that I've decided to share some of these emails with you.

If you are looking for something specific on the site, please use the Google Search on the TOP LEFT HAND corner of the page.

If you would like to ask me a question, share a story, or tell me what you think, you may do so here. Unfortunately I can't answer every question, but so those that I can, I will post them here!

Thank you so much for your understanding and support. - Eunice

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just a kid trying to be elegant - is there an inbetween? 
Hey Eunice. I've been reading through this site front to back, left to right, and in reverse. I love what you've done, and the concept that's been …

How To Be Perfect 
Eunice, I must say, I am absolutely astonished by the amount of work you put into this blog. Its amazing to see real dedication in your work, and …

Morning Regimen - Elegant Essentials 
I am dating an executive chef. He runs 4 restaurants, one of which he flies private jet to. He makes decent money and wants me to share his life with him, …

How to Dress Casually Elegant 
Dear Eunice, I absolutely love your website and what you do. It has not only made elegance more attainable but inspiring for me. I am a mother …

Classy fashion designers: 
Hi Eunice! I thoroughly enjoy your website, first of all. I just wanted to know the classiest fashion designers you have in mind. Thank you. I'll come …

How to respond nicely to 'when are you having a baby?' 
Hey Eunice, it's such a wonderful feeling to read the articles you post. It gives such positive, fresh, rejuvenating feel even at the end of a tiring day. …

How do I remain calm and keep my cool? 
Hello! First of all I would like to thank you for creating this website, you are one of the top reasons that I became more outgoing. I moved from Upstate …

Stuck in college mode 
Hello there! I will be graduating college this May and I am stuck in a t-shirt and jean wardrobe. It is what I feel the most comfortable in both because …

How do I build an Elegant self-confidence? 
Dear Eunice, First of all, I would like to thank you for all the help you gave me with the precious teachings that you wrote on …

On Status & Reality 
Dear Eunice, I love reading Elegant Woman. The articles have stimulated such a positive change in me. I am a college student and for the first time, …

She said I was Elegant  
My daughter gave me a dozen beautiful white roses for Mothers Day. I asked her what prompted to buy white. She said because they are elegant like you. …

Elegant Motherhood 
For some time I have been pondering about what an elegant motherhood would/should look like. Working on yourself to become an elegant woman is one thing, …

Am I a Snob? 
i met a young lady that was waiting for the train. she was wearing a raincoat and hat as the weather was quite nasty.we talked for quite sometime and i …

Self Absorbed 
I have a neighbor that I have considered a friend. We see other almost daily while outside or walking our dogs. After several years I have finally decided …

Christianity in your website 
I've been looking through the site for a while now, and there's one thing that's really stood out to me. There are several tips aimed at Christians, but …

How To ? Not rated yet
Where do elegant gentlemen meet elegant women to arrange pleasant rewarding activities such as outdoor adventures and such?

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Latest Entries
Feb 20, 2017

A thousand thank-yous for the care you put into this blog.

Hello Eunice, thank you for maintaining this wonderful site with meticulous care and insightful information. I have spent far too many years of my life

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Feb 20, 2017

My Go-To site!

Every day after work, I sit and open up my tablet to your website. It is my direction to the elegant woman I want to become and I read and re-read all

Continue reading "My Go-To site!"

Jan 12, 2017

An Elegant Mind - Elegance Comes from the Mind

Elegance comes from the mind. How do we have an elegant mind? I draw inspirations from a great man from my country, Lee Kuan Yew who has inspired brilliance and greatness to the world.

Continue reading "An Elegant Mind - Elegance Comes from the Mind"

Jan 12, 2017

How To Be Elegant - Tips For Simple Everyday Elegance and Living Well

How to be Elegant? An elegant and gentle guide for women to timeless chic, grace and poise. A personal insight into the art of refinement and living graciously

Continue reading "How To Be Elegant - Tips For Simple Everyday Elegance and Living Well"

Nov 08, 2016

A Woman of Grace

The mesage of grace: Be known as a woman of grace. Hold yourself to a standard of grace, not perfection and remember to extend that same measure of grace to others.

Continue reading "A Woman of Grace"

Jun 19, 2016

Class Distinctions and Bridging the Gap - The Up Series Documentary. "Give me the child until he is seven, and I will show you the man."

This is about Class Distinctions and Bridging the Gap as documented by The Up Series Documentary. In this documentary, the findings show how unfortunately equal opportunities do not exist for every person, however, it gives us more reason to realizeand believe that by making a focused and educated change, there can be greater social mobility and we can all overcome obstacles, defying limitations of financial background and upbringing.

Continue reading "Class Distinctions and Bridging the Gap - The Up Series Documentary. "Give me the child until he is seven, and I will show you the man.""