Asking For Cash Gifts Instead because of Destination Wedding

by Tina Worms
(Valdosta, GA)

My fiance and I reside in Georgia but are getting married in Washington state. Is there a "non-tacky" way for us to ask for cash or gift cards so as not to have to ship gifts back to Georgia?

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Jul 18, 2014
Asking for cash in lieu of gift for a wedding NEW
by: Debbie

In this day and age, when most people live together before marrying, or have lived on their own, they find themselves with all that is needed already. Wedding gifts therefore become redundant. It's not like years ago when girls left their parents' home with a trousseau and nothing else. You can word a small card or paper to put into your invitations like this:

As we are fortunate enough to find ourselves without the need of a bridal registry, contributions to our new life together would be greatly appreciated.

Trust me I consulted every etiquette person I had access to over 20 years ago to get that working right for my own wedding. It went over very well and many were relieed that they didn't have to shop or figure out what to get us. We set up a small nicely decorated box in a corner at the reception and guest put their envelopes in at their leisure.

I hope this helps. Nothing worse than having 2 blenders, 3 toasters and horrid dishes you'll never use, etc ....

Oct 07, 2010
Cash Gifts/Destination Wedding
by: Dandelion

There is no non-tacky way to ask for cash gifts.

However, shipping may be less of a problem than you think. Many guests ship the wedding gift to your home before (or after) the wedding. Those who are traveling and bringing a gift will not necessarily want to bring something unwieldy.

If you have a responsible and dependable person who has volunteered to help on the wedding day, set aside a shipping budget and ask them to collect any gifts that may have been brought to the wedding and arrange for their shipment to your home. Research rates and methods of shipping from WA to GA and make sure there is plenty in the budget to cover all possible costs of the postage (you wouldn't want your friend to be on the hook!) You can also do it yourselves--boxes pack very flat in suitcases. Print up the address labels in advance, throw in a role of packing tape, and you can do everything as you're collecting the presents from the reception and drop them off at the nearest post office the next morning.

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