Aspirations of loveliness

by Heather

I have always been fascinated by the art of being a woman. For me, a woman that can demonstrate pure grace, intelligence, exquisite social etiquette, and incredible poise, no matter the circumstance is the most ferocious thing on the planet. Great women have always dictated history, if not directly, then through her guidance and fierce determination. The female species on a whole is one that should be encouraged, nurtured, and taught these fine arts. Arts that a man could never possess. The delicacies of a phrase, a gesture, a look, a touch which can give wonderful pleasure or terrible anguish. All the while maintaining absolute integrity and beauty. The female, if so educated, is truly a sight to behold. Yet as of late, the numbers of these graceful exquisite females is dwindling. Soon to be a forgotten species given way to a crude, ignorant, lesser example of what we were, are, and could be. I want to instill these gifts and skills into my children. Though I am not a master by any means I take daily steps into improving myself, as we all should. I’m constantly on the search to empower myself as a woman and encourage those around me.

A current inspiration and obsession of mine can be found in Showtime’s hit series “The Borgias.” Lotte Verbeek portrays the Lady Giulia Farnese. Verbeek gives Giulia and endearing grace that none can deny and her enemies loath. She’s beautiful, poised and ruthless for her ambitions. I have yet to see her raise her voice. However I’ve seen her put people in their place. She’s the epitome of a lady. She’s witty, insightful, beautiful, graceful, determined, educated, sensual, and cunning. And I am currently endeavoring to embody some of her essence. Though she is my current obsession I have been fascinated by women of this caliber from every era. All things willing I hope to impart their examples into myself.

Since my early childhood. When I was young I tried to be the best woman I could possibly be. I currently possess many of the accomplished ladies qualities. I play four instruments including the violin, piano, flute, and guitar. I’ve always had an affinity for the opera and from age five I have studied to become vocalist that I am today. My most renowned of traits is my art. I pride myself on my sketching, painting, sculpture and photography. I also spent eight years of my life studying ballet, jazz, and tap, modern as well as ballroom dancing. I currently speak two languages and working on two more. From my ballet classes I learned poise and practice constantly until I acquired perfect posture. My tone of voice is a constant struggle; I have always found it difficult to keep my tone more gentle. As well as my expressions, I seem to bare my heart openly on my face. I’m constantly reading and seeking new, interesting topics on which to learn.

Each day I improve and each day I struggle but it is the end that justifies the means. I hope more women can be encouraged to adopt these noble arts. We are women and should behave as such. Be it a housewife, mother, lawyer, soldier, maid, or daughter all can benefit from examining ourselves. Improving that which is flawed and encouraging that which is refined. What a beautiful world this would be if instead of rocks there were diamonds.

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May 28, 2012
I, Too, Aspire to Be Lovely NEW
by: Lynn

I agree with all of your statements. I want to encourage my daughters to be elegant and lovely, despite not being there myself. I want to learn another language, play another instrument, and comport myself in an elegant manner. When I originally found this website, I scoffed because what mother wears Capris, silk blouses, and ballet flats? She can, at least in public, I've come to find out.

Keep working at it; I'm sure you're closer to being lovely than you think.

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