Baby Shower Invitation

I have received an invitation to a baby shower for the daughter of a "very, very" casual friend. This woman and I met when we were members of the same organization and developed somewhat of a friendship when we served on its board together.

Although we did get together at functions, I was never invited to her home and she was never invited to mine. I've been inactive in the organization for over 2 years now and have, in fact, dropped my membership. In that 2 year period, I saw this woman a total of 3 times and that only because we were with another mutual friend. Also, I have never met this woman's daughter (nor either of her other children, for that matter)- I certainly was not invited to the daughter's wedding or bridal shower which had actually occured during the period of our "friendship" (nor was she invited to either of my childrens' weddings & showers (both bridal and baby).

This woman does not have many friends so I do feel this invite is nothing more then asking for a present. I will not be attending the shower - I actually have a family baby shower that same date and time. Am I obligated to send a gift?

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May 08, 2010
Send a card instead
by: Eunice replies

You have the right to refuse, especially if it seems that you do not wish to further develop the friendship of this acquaintance.

You could send her a congratulatory card and send your regrets that you would not be able to make it.

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