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Beauty Make Up Tips - Foundation, Eyeliner, Smokey Eyes Techniques

Smokey Eyes
Beauty Make Up Tips: Elegant basic techniques to make you look like a pro. Applying Eyeliner Techniques, How to do the smokey eyes, How to achieve a flawless foundation.

Elegant Flawless Foundation

Beauty Make Up Tips

Applying Flawless Foundation

One of the most important make up basics is learning to put on flawless foundation.

Depending on your skin texture, you might get away with just using concealer . With an even skin tone, sometimes all you need is a sheer tinted moisturiser.

Putting on foundation is one of the most important part of make up. The purpose of foundation is to even out your skin tones to give a clear complexion. For some (lucky) women, foundation is all they need to wear when they go out.

Elegant Smokey Eyes

Beauty Make Up Tips: How To Do Smokey Eyes

Kim Kardashian's Foundation and Smokey Eye Look

For evening events, make up can be heavier.

(Note how the celebrity make up artist powders her neck!)

My favourite take away make up tips from this video is:

"Buff it in"

"Name your eye looks"

"Set the foundation with powder" (by Mac NC30) - I use that too!

Here is Smokin' up the Eyes...

How To Make Your Eyes Bigger

Beauty Make Up Tips

Bigger Brighter Eyes

This is my favourite way to do eye make up.

Daytime look: I tone down the eyeliner and use only brown eyeliner, brown mascara and very nude eye shadows.

Evening look: I play up the eyeliner, use a darker eye shadow and 'smoke it'.

More Sexy Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

Beauty Make Up Tips

How to Apply Eyeliner

Eye liner Tutorial

The difference in a good person's make up and a WOW person's make up often lies in the application of eyeliner.

Caution: It sometimes can take up to years to feel comfortable with eyeliner and even now, I still feel the most nervous wearing eyeliner.

I usually do not wear too much eyeliner in the day and only save the looks for weekends or evening parties but I want to change that! Maybe I should wear eyeliner everyday so I can get really skilled.

There is no one correct way to wear eyeliner. Wearing eyeliner is an art! It changes the shape or your eye, can make your eye look bigger, smaller. Using different colour eyeliners can also bring different effects - it's time to get creative!

As silly as it sounds, I think the 'eyeliner' education is a lifelong journey. As soon as you perfect one look, you discover another way to use your eyeliner.

But fret not, I hope I haven't scared all of you away by now. We'll just start with the basics, and if you feel as fascinated as I am, this tutorial will provide you with the skills which you can inject your own style and take it away!

For newbies, eyeliner can be in the form of pencil, liquid, gel or powder.

Make up tip: Use a pencil for your waterline, which is where you find your lower eye lashes.

Go ahead and be experimental, find out what works for you. I generally have found that liquid and gel eyeliner, though more difficult to apply, stays on better and do not smudge like the pencil one does.

Be careful when you apply, look down and let it dry for a while before looking up. If it is not dry, it will create a line on the top of your eye, over your eye shadow.

I've also found that investing in a good reputable department store make up brand is better than cheaper drug store ones. I mean, there are good drug store ones, but sometimes you'll end up wasting pennies trying to find out which drug store brand works for you, whereas there is a higher chance getting the right one at the former.

When all else fails, I go back to M.A.C. but that's what works for me. Everybody is different!

Update: Recently I've been loving Japanese brands like Shiseido, Majolica Majorca and Shu uemura.

Applying False Eye Lashes

Beauty Make Up Tips

How To Apply Fake Eye Lashes

I try to bring the best tutorials to elegantwoman.org. There are hundreds out there and I try to bring you the very best and most relevant. Don't need to spend hours and days searching because they are all right here!

So I'm very happy to showcase this by a M.A.C pro make up artist!

M·A·C Pro makeup artist Chantel Miller shows how to apply fake eyelashes:

Personally I prefer to buy lashes at Laura Mercier because the eye lashes are natural looking and the glue is black. I think that helps blend in with my eyeliner.

Here is the link: http://www.lauramercier.com/products/tools/accessories/faux_eyelashes/full_faux_eyelashes/

Another alternative which you can buy from Amazon.com: Ardell Fashion Lashes Pair - 120 Demi Black (Pack of 4)

To remove, just gently pull them out from your eye and wash them with soap and warm water. I like to soak my lashes in hot water for a while, so that the glue will soften and I can peel them out.

Then you put them back in your case and you can use them again until the eyelash loses shape.

P.s. You can buy individual glue sticks at beauty shops, especially if you take care of your lashes. Otherwise a new set usually comes with the glue. Though I prefer to buy my own glue, because you can't guarantee that you'll get a good quality eyelash glue with each set.

How to: Apply Individual Eyelashes

For the more adventurous, and definitely more natural.

True Beauty Message

Beauty Make Up Tips: True Beauty

Lastly, my Favourite Beauty Message of all Time

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