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How To Win Beauty Pageants

1st Competition: Entering the Pageant

First of all, we have to realize that entering the pageant is the first stage of the competition. It is like creating the first impression.

Beauty pageant girls, take note before you hurry to fill out the entry form, ensure that you have made some background checks:

  • Who are the organizers?
  • What are the requirements?
  • What kind of expenses you must bear?
  • From the time you enter, train till the final rounds, what kind of commitment of time and resources is expected and are you willing to go all the way?
  • What are the rules and regulation?
  • Your entry form is very much like your resume.

    Be honest, creative and juicy. Give something to the judges that they can relate. Aim to stand out in a good way.

    For your entry form's photo: Work with a photographer to create the look you'll like to project, keeping in mind that it should look like you when you greet the panel in person, like your age, and in line with the image the pageant organizers would like to project.

    Just like in an interview, aim to project the best image, perform on that interview like there is only one position from the very beginning to the end.

    Lastly, before you fully commit yourself to entering and competing for the pageant, rally up the support of your family and closest friends. There are many cases where a girls' chances are affected by negativity from their closest relationships.

    It is possible to win without their support, but if that is the case, she should keep it a secret. There is power in secret determinations.

    P.s. If you are going to get a manager, be careful of who you choose. Check his/her past records. Also stay away from managers who have too many girls to manage.

    He will forget what's good for you and may use your information against you by revealing it to another girl in the pageant competing against you (whether or not accidentally).

    beauty pageant girls miss universe

    Beauty Pageant Girls Preparation

    The Interview

    Derrick Smith, a pageant consultant says that the most important competition event is the interview.

    Keeping in mind that the "total package" is assessed at every competition event, not just the interview.

    That means

  • Talent Competence

  • Individuality

  • Intelligence

  • Poise

  • Personality

  • Physical Appearance

    In Ginie's book "How To Win Pageants" How to Win Pageants, she interviews three Miss America state title-holders on how they prepared for the interview.

    I would like to highlight two of them, because I found them most highly relevant.

    Beauty Pageant Girls: Gretchen Carlson

    Miss Gretchen Carlson prepared with mock interviews six months ahead of her. She set up mock interviews with a panel of judges similar to the pageant and video taped everything. Each time reviewing the videos, they would critique.

    They tried to get people from all walks of life to interview her.

    She focused on learning how to sit, cross her legs (or not cross them), use her hands when communicating etc.

    See also elegant deportment.

    In her own words, "'s the image that you are portraying that's important, not actually what you are even saying."

    Beauty Pageant Girls: Christy Fichtner

    Miss Christy Fichtner prepared for her pageant every free minute she got. She studied current events, reading the newspapers for 2 hours a day.

    She even went as far as to get information background of the judges, so that when she was being interviewed, she could give information pertaining to the judges' personal interests.

    She also studied how she could turn the question around if she did not know an answer, or "knowing that they (the judges) might like a certain way for a question to be answered.

    Beauty Pageant Girls Preparation

    Beauty Pageant Winners

    beauty pageant girls miss universe

    Ultimately, the reason why I decided to study the preparation of beauty pageants girls as well as shed more 'light' to the whole pageant business is because, if you haven't noticed, all these girls are elegant.

    They have devoted time and effort to improving themselves all round with grace and elegance. Have you noticed that all these contestants look perfect, walk perfect, speak perfect? It is not the result of a natural born perfection. They have had to work for it.

    Same story if you would want to be graceful and elegant.

    Elegance is sort of an intelligent grace. It is an intelligent confidence.

    There is quite a bit of study and background editing. Editing is one of the most powerful words in achieving elegance.

    How do you edit? You must first measure. That is why I really like the fact that Miss Gretchen Carlson first enlisted the video recorder.

    Whenever you take a picture of yourself, record your voice, watch yourself in your video, you are mentally editing yourself, whether or not you realize it. Sometimes it can be obvious and you'll go, "I don't like the way I laugh, it looks a little unfeminine, or crazy". Or "I like that smile when I move my mouth that way". And you make a mental note to do that more often.

    Many people dismiss these beauty pageants girls as shallow. Little is known that much preparation goes into a pageant. Pageants are celebrations of accomplishments. They are about bettering yourself and achievement.

    Many girls write to me that they want a break out of their 'normal' lives, their social statuses, financial barriers. I'm glad for their desires. Such as these beauty pageant queens are doing exactly that ... putting themselves out there, getting judged, sowing many months of unseen, unknown hardwork. I applaud them.

    While we do not have to "put ourselves out there" like these brave young women, we can follow suit, investing time and effort into ourselves in our chosen area of improvement, and become the woman we want to be.

    Thank you for reading "Beauty Pageant Girls Preparation" !

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