Beauty Pageant Tips

This Beauty Pageant Tips page is not written for teens only, but for the mother who wish to instill elegance in their daughters, themselves, for those who need an inspiration to receive an award in public, or whenever you need to go on stage or appear on media. For when you need to put your best face forward.

beauty pageant

I decided to write this page because I've been getting emails from very beautiful girls as well as their lovely mothers across the globes who asked for beauty pageant tips.

along with beauty tips for teen girls, teens beauty, teen beauty tips, beauty consultant hair make up but who's counting? :)

I actually enjoy encouraging and giving a little coaching whenever I can, so if you are entering a pageant, I'll love to hear about your progress!


Beauty Pageant Tips - The Most Important

Beauty tips for teen girls

I assume from your wanting to entering into a beauty pageant is that you're already beautiful, groomed and have a sense of desire to be better or your best.

So the next 'thing' to work on is your confidence.

Confidence is next to beauty, if they were ranked. When you watch a beauty pageant, instantly you'll be able to tell the girl who stands out is one of the most confident. There is something very beautiful from a self assurance that comes from within.

Beauty Pageant Tips

Teens Beauty

Below I've included an email I've drafted to several of my teen readers who has very earnestly written to me and I would like to encourage you to go for it!

It is not about the success or failure but its about the journey, the experience, the exposure.

But of course, we brace ourselves to emerge champions.

I would like to include the email as it is because it carries the very essence of what I wrote which I cannot replicate when I try to 'repeat' myself.

This is an abridged version from the original version to a mother who first wrote to me about her daughter preparing for a beauty pageant.

Beauty Pageant Tips - An Email

Teens Beauty Tips For Pageant Training

This is the email I received:

Dearest M_____, Thank you for writing in. Here are my suggestions.

Beauty Pageant Tips 1 - Super Confidence

First and foremost, ensure your daughter has the strongest self-esteem and confidence because this will ooze out in everything she does, the way she smiles, walks, turns her head, wave, answer questions, wear her clothes etc.

It would be best if she has super confidence.

How to do that differs from child to child, being aware of her strengths, being kind, humble, knowing who she is, having a mother and family who always encourages her, deals with conflict by picking herself up after being knocked down, believing in herself.

Beauty Pageant Tips 2 - Posture, Stance, Walk

getting down from the bus gracefully

Secondly, work on her posture, her walk, the way she stops and stands, turns around, stands when she is being asked a question. She must exude a gentle and kind stance, a humble (not arrogant), a walk that does not resemble a model but a princess.

Find videos of perhaps Audrey Hepburn and walk how she walks, carry herself. In some movies like war and peace, funny face, Audrey is like a adult-child, she is like a child but not quite, an adult, but not quite. There is spring and bounce in her step. She is lively but subdued.

Beauty Pageant Tips 3 - Let Her Words Be Seasoned With Grace

When she stands to answer, have her ooze with positively and be herself.

If she is bright and sparkly, she should naturally smile a lot.

If she is graceful and peaceful like a swan, she can answer in a very gentle and meek but confident way. Most important, never say a bad thing and always be genuine. Let her words be seasoned with grace.

Train her by asking her varied questions, ranging from difficulty so she is used to being put on the spot and handling the pressure.

Beauty Pageant Tips 4 - Clothes

I'm not too sure if you pick out her outfits.

Honestly I wouldn't know what fourteen year olds wear to pageants but let it be beautiful but not too mature. Stick to happy colours. Avoid mature purple, brown, black.all the colours we would wear.

Baby blue or baby yellow will stand out, and I think they are beautiful on girls, though I'm sure other colours will be as beautiful as long they are baby colours and matching her skin tone.

pretty baby colours for beauty pageant clothes palette

But I think you would know best. Keep it simple and elegant.

I love what Emma Watson wore on one of the Harry Potter's movies where they all went to a ball. It was a pink blush dress.Whatever you choose, have her walk, sit, lie down in it. Let her get comfortable so that it will be like her own skin.

Beauty Pageant Tips

Beauty Consultants Hair Make Up

fresh faced beauty

Make up wise - I guess it depends on the rules and other contestant.

I would think keep it as fresh as possible, away from very dark eyes and heavy liner. I would like it to imitate Marissa Cooper from the OC in Season 1 - where she had a very fresh face.though she was seventeen in that movie.

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Beauty Pageant Tips

Last Words on teens Beauty Pageants

beauty pageant

You might want to check out also these articles from my website.

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Alright ladies, I hope I have made some sense. Feel free to write me more emails if you have any questions. Update me on your progress, I hope to see you Miss Teen _____!

Much love and rooting for you, Eunice

Thank you for reading Beauty Pageant Tips!

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