Bossy father in law

by Racheal

At my son's third birthday party, which we had at my in laws house, my father in law decided he was going to start bossing my 3 yr old around. My son asked to be excused from the table and my husband and I both said yes. Right then my father in law pointed his finger at my son and said "no you sit right there and eat your hot dog right now". I gracefully removed my son to the other room without a word. When my son wanted to open one of his gifts to play with I told him yes. My father in law says "no you cannot open that right now" I gracefully removed my son from the room.

This went on all night. I did not say anything for two reasons. One I did not know what to say and two it was my son's birthday and I knew if I did say something my father in law would blow up. He has a very short fuse.
How can I gracefully tell him to stop bossing my son around and is it wise to address that it happened at the birthday party a month ago, or wait until it happens again?

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Jan 16, 2011
grow a pair
by: Anonymous

It is time for you to grow up and be a parent. You might need to make people mad to protect your children. You should have repeated your response to your child, and told your father in law that when you are in the presence of your child, you are in charge. He will only be in charge when he is given that role temporarily.

Jan 27, 2010
Grin and bear it/ Leave
by: Anonymous

I hear your pain.

It depends on your relationship with your father in law.

Can you ask your husband to quietly and privately suggest that he stop acting like a parent because you are your son's parents?

Otherwise, grin and bear it, and minimize the hours spent with his grandfather. Or just don't be around so you would not be irked by his bossiness.

There can only be one Indian Chief.

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