Bride had guest fill out their own thank you notes.

by Used Guest
(Orlando, Florida)

I attended a bridal shower of someone I didn't know very well.

I brought her a nice gift from her registry. When I arrived at the shower I was given a blank stamped envelope to fill out with my name and address.

Although I thought that was tacky, it didn't really bother me until I received the thank you note in the mail. It simply said Thank you for your shower gift.

No mention of what my gift was... after inquiring with a couple of other friends we deducted that when we filled out the envelope, the card was already inside.....

The story doesn't end at the shower however. Bad etiquette was not limited to the shower. My husband and I wrote a check for a nice amount for their wedding gift. (they had already set up a house and had been living together quite some time and didn't really register for much).

Well this wedding ended on the honeymoon... yes that is true they decided to call it quits on their honeymoon. This is how I found out. I received what I thought was another generic thank you card only to find a slip of paper tucked inside with a typed note from the bride stating the details of their breakup (he cheated) and that her lawyer informed her she could keep the wedding gifts.

Now, if I had given them a food processor and they had used it... well I certainly would not have wanted it back, but cash. She should have returned the money.

Oh and before you feel really sorry for the poor bride, apparently it was Karma. When she met the groom - it was she who was the "other woman". Payback is a Bitch!

Word to the wise - when you are invited to a wedding of a friend of friend. Just RSVP no. They are only inviting you for gifts so don't feel impolite to decline. Politely of course.

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Oct 26, 2009
Call and get your money gift back!
by: Ashley

This is shocking.

She should have returned the money.

I'm so sorry to hear of that horror stories. I think you can actually call to get that money back.

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