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Business Etiquette

Business etiquette tips summarized here. Take business confidence to another level with proper business etiquette.

International Business Etiquette Tips

Business Woman

Although culture and customs may differ, there is a general international business manners-etiquette that most come to expect.

Here are the summary of what is expected in all business practices:

At a meeting or interview, always be on time! I cannot stress this more.

Depending on how important the meeting is, aim to be there half an hour early. If it is really important, get there an hour early.

If you are late, even by a minute. Please call.

Make no mention of it and appear calm and composed if you are less than five minutes late.

If you are more than five minutes late, you should have called and apologize when you arrive. And you better have a very good reason.

Business Etiquette in Networking

You need to know business etiquette especially if you are networking at a networking meeting or if you are attending a client's party or social event.

It is true that some are not used to this idea, especially those who network for a living and are used to going to networking events.

"Networking for business" per se, in itself seems an aggressive gesture for "personal gain".

Some people talk to you first to get to know what you do and they want to know who you work for. Their mind is focus on "what is in for me" - they think about how you can help them advance their careers and grow their business. If they are selling something, they think about how you can be a potential client and customer i.e. to increase their sales.

Halfway during the conversation, if they conclude that you aren't of any use, you'll be ignored or "dropped off their mental list" almost visibly.

They'll excuse themselves then almost forcefully break into another conversation to meet someone else who fit the criteria above.

Such ruthlessness.

Do this only you really really have to (if your job is on the line because your boss told you to.)

Otherwise, keep it light and friendly, exchange business cards and arrange to meetup at a later date.

Also learn the art of conversation and apply them to business.

Business Etiquette

Asking, Giving and Receiving Business Cards

Give with both hands and receive with both hands.

When you receive it, pause a moment and look at it before you put it away.

Do not put the business card in your wallet.

Do not write anything on the business card.

Read more about this in proper business card etiquette.

Elegant Woman At The Office

If you are the boss, don't try to bond with your subordinates like how you would with friends. Be warm and friendly but maintain a professional distance.

Don't try too hard to make your co-workers like you. Don't be over-friendly. Remain professional. Do not get tempted to listen to office gossip. Just go about your business.

If your boss ignores you or isn't particularly fond of you, don't ingratiate yourself by making unnecessary conversation, asking about his or her weekend or suggest lunch.

Don't stare. Keep your eyes glued to your computer screen or the papers on your desk. Be professional and business like.

Do your work quietly and efficiently. Don't tell anyone how hard you've worked, or stay late in the office to try to impress people.

Use make up to look professional. Personal grooming is a must.

Don't look haggard or disheveled from having to come in to the office early or stay late the night before.

Dress well. Look like you are going somewhere after work. Co-workers and bosses are actually more impressed by well-rounded people who get their work done during business hours and have a healthy social life.

Buiness Etiquette Supplementary Video

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