Church Choir Etiquette

To summarize Church choir etiquette - they are a summary of what is expected of you if you join the church choir. Etiquette covered for instance are, general church choir rehearsal rules, rules for church choir, duties of church choir officers. Related searches: church choir singing tips, church choir manners.

Church Choir etiquette

Preparing for Practice

  • Learn where the rehearsals are so that if you are new, you won't be late simply because you couldn't figure out where it was.

  • It is always nice to come early and help to set up the chairs and put them away before you leave.

  • Another thing to arrive early as you can prepare yourself thoroughly. Sometimes there may be notices on the bulletin board, important announcements attendance sheets to sign, new songs to learn etc.

  • Depending on your church, you either do warm ups together or on your own. If there are not much warm up exercises done, you'll be expected to arrive with your voice already warmed up.

  • You might want to bring your own material, pencils, paper in case you need to take notes on your song sheets. It is also a good idea to bring water.

Church Choir Etiquette Rehearsal Rules

Singing in the church choir is a group activity so good teamwork should always be practiced.

How to practice good teamwork?

  • Attend regularly, be committed.

  • Be on time

  • Make adequate preparations. Learn your songs etc.

  • If in any case you cannot attend, notify your person in charge.

  • Adhere to all guidelines to dress codes etc.

Standard Church Choir Dress Code

In the official church choir etiquette these are the standard dress codes, though you are advised to check with the person in charge of the church choir

church choir etiquette


  • Mid calf to ankle long black skirt or black pants

  • White or black shirt or blouse. Collar is preferred.

  • Black shoes and stockings (hose).

  • Minimal Jewelry.

  • Slight or no perfume.


  • Black trousers.

  • White or black trousers

  • Black socks and shoes

Church Choir Etiquette's Singing Tips

  • Drink lots of water

  • Avoid Caffeine, alcohol and strong mints.

  • Arrive warmed up. Do not rely on the warm up exercises of the choir because they may not be adequate.

  • Maintain good singing posture.

Church Choir Manners

  • Arrives warmed up.

  • Is early or on time at least.

  • Is a good team player, does not out-sing her neighbour.

  • Is a good listener.

  • Adheres to requests by leaders and conductor.

  • Pays attention to the conductor.

  • Is not distracting or tries to be funny or chat.

  • has good posture

  • practices at home and arrives having learnt the new songs.

  • is considerate to keep the practice room clean.

  • dresses according to what is required.

  • welcomes feedback.

  • Refrains from indulging little chat conversations until the practice session is over or during breaks.

  • Takes care of herself and her vocal chords.

  • Does not pester others to join the choir if they refuses even if they are the best singers in the world.

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