Classical Education For Elegance

Why Classical Education? It is beneficial to be classically educated for a woman, especially if she desires to obtain a sophisticated sort of elegance.

In my recent search on the study of elegance, I've discovered how certain types of education produced elegant and sophisticated women.

I realized the importance of classical education.
what is classical education

What is Classical Education?

In The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home, Susan and Jessie Bauer explains what is classical education:

A Classical Education is language-intensive and not image focused. It demands that students use and understand words, not video images.

It is also history intensive and aims to help students understand the view of human endeavor from the beginning until now.

It trains the mind to analyze and draw conclusions. It cultivates and enforces self discipline.

To quote the book,

"It produces literate, curious, intelligent students who have a wide range of interests and ability to followup on them."

In short, it trains students to be self-reliant and to learn how to learn.

That would essentially give confidence and skills for life.

How does A Classical Education Relate to Elegance?

Though The Well-Trained Mind was written as a guide for parents to home school their children, it serves as an invaluable reference on obtaining a sophisticated sort of elegance. It works wonders for your mind and your self confidence.

In The Elegant Sophisticated Woman and Layers of Class - How to be Classy, I discussed the need to further educate yourself. There are many reasons for this and I hope you find your own.

Pursuing knowledge, I hope you'll find fulfillment, understanding, satisfaction. An education helps in all areas of life, confidence, development of character - an interesting person is an interested person.

You can but don't have to follow the strict classical education school curriculum.

You can pick, choose and customize your classical education by exploring what piques your interests and curiosity. You can also choose subjects or 'areas of interest' where you do not feel sufficiently confident. For example, if you feel at ill ease in certain restaurants or luxury boutiques, go to them, read about them etc. until you feel its familiarity. Thus, your confidence grows.

(Remember, going to them does not mean shelling out your life savings. Window shopping is free as well as trying things on. You can read about them in libraries. Having a cup of coffee there is also inexpensive.)

Similarly, I've noticed that elegant folks prefer a liberal arts education, which I was fortunate to have though it was not as 'liberal' as I hoped.

Regardless, I am convinced that a classical education shapes your mind for elegance. It helps you become an accomplished lady.

The Classically Educated Woman

It gives the classically educated woman a greater self confidence to learn and undertake a useful skill, such as Japanese cooking. It gives her enough knowledge to be an interesting companion to her husband, to be great host to many people. She defines herself, not losing her identity, dreams and ideas to her host of enormous responsibilities - her job, children, housework etc. She becomes a avid reader, growing in both inner and outer beauty. She is a better and more confident mother, gaining the respect from her children and husband.

I also believe, as silly as it sounds, that your thoughts, heart and value shapes the beauty of your face and your expressions. An interesting person has an interested face. An interested face is more beautiful than just a pretty face, which you can sometimes tell results from superficial thoughts.

You Can Be Classically Educated

Susan and Jessie Bauer has made a Classical Education possible to undertake at home. Though, it was written for homeschool, Jessie, who is the mother of Susan, said she learned more by homeschooling her children than at college.

While I would love to go back to school and read a liberal arts education, like you, sometimes we just have other commitments that make this dream unfeasible.

Surely you understand that I don't think one needs a classical education to be elegant. It is, however heavily beneficial in more ways than one. With a classical education, you'll most certainly acquire self confidence and mentioned traits of class. It is, one of the easiest ways to cut across 'class lines' of society.


Personally, I've majored in Science, Math and Economics up to the age of 18. I then studied my Bachelors of Commerce for three years, majoring in marketing, management and industrial relations. I also did a year of Psychology. I later completed my Maters of Professional Communications, where I had to study Grammar (it's not like what we learned in primary school! And there are so many arguments about what is correct! haha), journalism and public relations.

Despite my broad education, I still feel a lack in my education of Literature, History and Languages, therefore I've tailored my own studies towards that, using the resources and references mentioned in The Well-Trained Mind.

2015 Classical Education Update:

I wrote this article some years ago and I have been immersing myself in my Classical Education studies.

Intially I intended to blog about it but I've since realized that my approach is too personalized for anyone to make any sense out of it.

However, I will share with you what I've done.

First, I read and re-read the great books and classics such as:

  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Wuthering Heights
  • War and Peace
  • Anna Karenina
  • Madame Bovary
  • The Scarlet Letter
  • The Age of Innocence
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Little Women
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • I then read commentaries online about the books.

    I also started to work with Classical music teachers. I went back to playing a little a bit of Classical piano. I was working with a Voice coach who taught me how to appreciate the opera. He introduced me to several songs where I had to read up about its history and its composers.

    I dance ballet (for fitness and love - it is my chosen art form) - as a result I read about the history of ballet, choreographies, great music composers and how culture has influenced art.

    As a result of writing continuously - I've improved over the years (though I wouldn't say I'm there yet.)

    For my work/job, I joined the Arts, Social Science and Communications Faculty where I tutor students in various subjects. As a result, I had to spend many hours studying the great books, the Bible, Koran and Indian epics.

    I also had to study Psychology, Sociology, Literature, History and explore several essays about the liberal arts.

    I've also went back to study my second language, which was Mandarin. I believe languages are very important for training your brain to be sharp and also to give you another perspective of life. There is also interesting culture you can pick up from learning a different language.

    I've dabbled a little in French and Japanese the past few years, but due to time commitments, I have put them on hold for now. I would love to go back to study them and spend more time in both France and Japan.

    So that's my Classical Education update! Do share below what you are doing!

    Suggested Reading

    The Well-Educated Mind: A Guide to the Classical Education You Never Had

    Thank you for reading 'Classical Education'!

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