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Layers of Class - How to be Classy

A write up about Classically Elegant Sports. Sports is a layer of class required in order to be classy. However not all sports are equal or elegant, in the eyes of classy folks. Read on.

My favourite quote on Sports.

Sports is one layer of class where hardship and perspiration are honoured and worn with pride. Sports build character and for this reason, highly valued among the refined. The more difficult the sport, the better the character development.
- Ginie Sayles.

It's true isn't it?

Colin & I skiing
Colin and I share the same love for the snow.

It takes character and commitment to excel in the sport. I see it as personal training and self improvement at its best.

Sports teaches us the values of teamwork, how to be a team player, trains us not to give up when the going gets tough.

It gives us the desire to want to master its skill.

Sports develops diligence, discipline and a good attitude which can be applied to life. Overall, it is great for our personal self confidence.

Sports are also terrific for developing social skills. Sports is also an 'instrument' used to meet people, socialize. You can also gauge a person's character by how they play sports or a game. It is both a social and leisure event.

It is also why this 'Sports trait' is highly regarded by the upper classes.

Which Are Classically Elegant Sports?

Sports - Mark of Classy Woman

Not all sports can be termed 'classy'. So what are the classically elegant sports?

In my How To Be Classy page, I spoke about the distinct traits of a classy person. You can learn to acquire 'classiness' by simply adopting these traits. One of which we are focusing today is Sports.

There are many sports where you can pursue, but not all are classically elegant. I will list a few here to help us get started.

I can think of three classically elegant sports:


classically elegant golf
Golf is widely known as a gentleman's sport.


classically elegant tennis
Tennis is often referred to a Prep Sport.

Snow Skiing

classically elegant skiing
Nothing quite graces the slopes as elegantly as a skiier.

Classically Elegant Sport- Golf

Your first step to acquire this trait of class (to be classy) is to be introduced to it. Then get familiar with it.

Read briefly about golf here.

Golf is a wonderful social sport. When I started learning golf, my girlfriends and I did not go to cafes. Instead of catching up over a cup of coffe, we 'caught up' at the driving range, while practicising our swing.

Golf also gives a sense of accomplishment. Your achievements and progress are addictive.

It's best to learn with a private instructor but don't underestimate what visuals and videos can do for your learning. Watch them before you go to class and you'll find them more effective.

I found some basic videos that can give quick and easy introduction to the game.

Golf Rules For Beginners

Golf Tips For Women Beginners

Golf - Confidence for Beginners

Loving golf already? Want to see more?

Here are more golf videos

To develop your game and love for golf, try to attend Golf tournaments and events. See my blogpost of when Colin and I attended the US Open in Pebble Beach 2010. I was completely inspired to get back into golf.

Classically Elegant Sport - Tennis

An Introduction to Tennis

Read the Basics of a game of Tennis

A tennis racket, a pair of sneakers, a shirt and some shorts are all you need to get started playing tennis. Learn more about how to get started playing the sport of tennis in this free online tennis lesson video.

Shannon Hurr started playing tennis when he was ten years old and has been playing ever since. He shows us how.

Find out how to keep score in the game of tennis, plus get tips on tennis strategy and techniques, in this free online tennis lesson video.

There is playlist of tennis lessons in a series of about 50 videos. Remember to take your time! Do not get overwhelmed. This is how Sports develop one's character.

Read, research, watch, train with an instructor. Then practice, practice, practice!

Classically Elegant Sport - Skiing

An Introduction to Snow Skiing

This is my absolute favourite sport. I'll recommend going for lessons, private ones to learn quicker. You can risk hurting your knees if you don't learn how to ski properly.

The Classy Way of Playing Sports

How to be Classy - Classically Elegant Sports

There is a classy way to play sports. Even if you are familiar with these sports, it does not mean you are classy...because it requires more than learning the game.

classically elegant golf

The real distinguishing line of class:

  • Good attitude

  • Play hard - be hardworking

  • Fully concentrate

  • Don't cheat or give excuses.

  • Don't use swear words.

  • Don't throw tantrums when you lose

  • Be modest when you win

  • Shake hands with winning opponents and congratulate them

  • Compliment their skill

  • Never play a game you are not qualified to play

  • Observe dress code

  • Use appropriate equipment

One Last Thing...

Remember, view your classically elegant sports education a long term goal. It will take at least a couple of years to be really good at any one sport.

Have fun with it, study them only if you love them - do not do it because "it is elegant". Give yourself more exposure to the sport, get inspired and learn to love it.

You also could consider private lessons.

Learning to do something right for the first time is better than having to correct the wrong methods and habits from an amateur.

As to be classically elegant, you'll only need to master one sport and be a spectator of two other sports. This is in order to genuinely acquire the sports layer of class.

Set a routine to do sports. Make a time every week, every month etc.

Better yet, find a friend. :)

Thank you for reading 'Classicaly Elegant Sports'!

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