Clothing Etiquette

Dressing Elegant

And The Importance Of Occasions

Clothing Etiquette is Tasteful Dressing - The Importance of OccasionsA guide to elegance, the meaning of tasteful dressing, refined dressing, honing and possessing refined taste and innate style.

Dressing etiquette is for all those who want to dress elegant.

Knowing what is appropriate to wear on occasion requires as much good taste as it is to dress elegantly.

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Clothing Etiquette

Knowing what is appropriate to wear on occasion requires as much good taste as it is to dress elegantly. Appropriateness, good grooming and adherence to the dress code are keys to having good clothing etiquette

The choice of clothing is often dictated by the entertainment: what you wear to the opera is not the same as if you were attending a U2 concert.

Day time clothes are very different from evening clothes. Similarly, evening clothes should only be worn in the evening and never on day time. It is generally more acceptable to wear day time clothes through the evening, because say it was inconvenient for you to go home and change or bring a spare change of clothes.

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A good coat though is fantastic for wearing all day.

Personal Example: Many times I've been caught in a similar situation and have to work a very smart outfit which I can "dress up and down". For instance, I can wear a more slim cut cocktail dress, then dress it up with elegant jewelry such as pearls and a cardigan. In the evening, I take out my eyeliner, red lipstick and sling my cardigan over my handbag like a scarf. That is just one way of making one outfit work for a day time and night time look.

Another clothing etiquette we must watch out for are dressing according to the dress code.

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Sadly, in this growing busy society, it has unfortunately have been growing casual. Dressing etiquette is barely observed. This is especially so during weddings, theatre, traveling (such as wearing pajamas to take a flight), wearing your pajamas to the supermarket, wearing a bikini to a mall, wearing unaltered jeans which are a hazard to the wearer and the people around them. Flip flops as shoes....more later.

Not in all areas though, I'm very happy to report that when I travel in many parts of Europe, I enjoy a very beautiful visual feast of elegant women, being very appropriately and well-dressed.

In all our ways, we should fight this society disease of sloppiness. I enjoy dressing up and I couldn't care more than two seconds if everyone chooses to be sloppy. Of course, I dress to the appropriateness of the occasion, otherwise it would be very vulgar, just as I've seen some incredulous tourists wearing high heels when hiking in Diamond Head in Hawaii.

Clothing Etiquette

Dressing Etiquette

Another term for clothing etiquette is dressing etiquette. They are basically the same thing.

As I've been saying, no matter how elegantly you may be dressed, how perfectly groomed, if what you are wearing is not appropriate to the occasion, your elegance is diminished.

Not to mention unwanted attention will be given accompanied with raised eyebrows when inappropriate things are worn.

Common Pitfalls of Clothing and Dress

  • Wearing casual wear or beach wear in the city

  • Not dressing up in Sunday Best at church

  • Wearing bright and colorful clothes to a funeral

  • Wearing more than 80% black (in your outfit) to a wedding.

  • Wearing flip-flops everywhere.

    They should only be worn at the beach or on a very hot day and not to the city!

    Bad Dress Etiquette

  • Not dressing up according to the theme when it is a theme party

  • Wearing jeans or sandals to a wedding

  • Wearing casual or smart casual when dress code says formal.

  • Wearing black in the morning

  • Wearing white or cream to a weddingwedding (unless its specifically stated)

  • Upstaging the bride

  • Wearing clubbing clothes to a wedding

  • Dressing indecently or exposing too much when at a wedding.

  • Wearing a cocktail dress when it is a formal event

  • Not wearing evening, formal or cocktail, to the theatre

  • Not wearing the appropriate shoes, such as wearing boots in summer, or flip-flops to dinner.

  • Wearing high heels to a beach, to the country, mountain side

    No matter how important you are, or your friends are, never attempt to dazzle them by your clothing and dress trying to show them how elegant you are. This "dazzling effect" that I'm referring to means having many diamonds dangling off your clothing an dress, wearing an over the top amount of accessories. Or plastering yourself with designer logos from your accessories to your shoes, your clothes to your bags, like a walking ad campaign for these brands.

    It is always in bad taste to draw unnecessary, and that kind of attention to yourself.

    If you are making changes to yourself and want to be elegant in your dress etiquette, go for subtle and perfectly groomed. Take the personal change slow. Let yourself and personality grow into it and soon you will own that look.

    With too big a change and a sudden shift, (like how we have seen who suddenly have a cash bonus run off to buy a few designer bags at once and you wondering if they have any taste) you might come across as trying too hard.

    The problem with many designer brands that while a small portion of goods are elegant, the majority aren't because these design houses have to keep in business by changing the fickle fashion, as Heidi Klum always says, "One day you're in, the next day you're out", to keep the business alive.

    Refine your tastes and learn how to select the best. That is the proper dressing etiquette.

    Thank you for reading "Clothing Etiquette"!

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    "A truly elegant taste is generally accompanied with excellency of heart."

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