Course Distance Education Online
Fascinating Womanhood Tools Online Class

Course distance education online using Fascinating Womanhood tools.

These online classes are based on the teachings of the book, Fascinating Womanhood.

Objectives of this private one-on-one course are: a Guide to a Happy Marriage, strengthens the home, provides role model, helps you enjoy your feminine role. Take this online distance learning course in the comfort of your own home.


According to Fascinating Womanhood studies, only an estimated one out of thirty is a truly happy marriage. The rest range from comparatively happy to miserable and over 50% end in divorce. Because of this children are troubled, homes are in turmoil and society inherits its problems. Young women are growing up without role models. They are confused as to just what kind of women they should become. There is no path to follow - no promise of happiness.

Objectives of the Course

  1. A Guide to Happy Marriage

  2. The Course Strengthens the Home

  3. Provides Role Model

  4. Helps You Enjoy Your Feminine Role

The Happy Marriage
Three Essential Ingredients

  1. Love of Husband

  2. Self-dignity

  3. Heartfelt Desires

Click here for more info & expanded version of the Fascinating Womanhood course.

Review Fascinating Womanhood Course Outline

What Fascinating Womanhood Will Do For You

Fascinating Womanhood believes that You Hold The Keys!

You hold the keys to your own happiness in marriage.

By applying the teachings of F.W. you can awaken the love of your husband, preserve your self-dignity, and gain your heartfelt desires.

You can make it happen, it is in your hands.

This is not to imply that you are to blame for all of the problems, but you have the power to turn your marriage around and make it all you want it to be.

This is the miracle of Fascinating Womanhood. Read Fascinating Womanhood Success Stories

Fascinating Womanhood Course Information

Personalized course to maintain absolute privacy

Length of Course: 6 Weeks with weekly emails of discussion, reviews and assignment answers.

Fascinating Womanhood textbook not included but may be bought from any bookstore (approximately $12-14)

Please prepare 2-3 hours each week of reading, doing assignments and corresponding

Course fee: $35.00 USD

Date of Commencement: 1-3 business days. I personally enroll every ecourse participant.

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Course Distance Education Online

Fascinating Womanhood Online Course

$35 USD

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