Dating Tips For Women Pg Three

What To Do Before the Date

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Dating Tips For Women

And obviously, what not to do before the date...

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Make a very good list!

1) Be completely busy, fill up your schedule.

2) Do not spend hours primping yourself up for the date. Be tastefully and sufficiently groomed yes, but to spend half a day curling your hair is to send your expectations and romantic fantasies soaring.

3) Do not think of him as much as you can.

4) Do not call your bestfriend and talk about the date you are about to have.

5) Do not watch romantic movies or read romance novels.

6) Do not text him. Try to have as little contact as possible.

7) Do not call him either to 'check' if the date is still happening. He should have confirmed with you the night before.

8) Be happy, make yourself very happy the whole day. Indulge in your hobbies, paint a rose, write an email to that old friend that you've been wanting to, the gist is to focus on other things.

9) Read your daily devotional so that you'll tend to your heart to be your best person - it's a beauty routine for the heart.

10) Be inspired by something. It brings up a very beautiful smile on your face.

Dating Tips For Women

Women And Unrealistic Expectations

Most women go on dates with a lot of expectations. They imagine, fantasize about how the date will go, whether or not she should kiss him etc. They are unrealistic expectations and passion.

Romantic Dinner Date - Crime of Unrealistic Passion?

They want him to find them beautiful, to ask them out again, to listen to their problems, to solve them. They think too far ahead, imagining dramatic proposals, beautiful weddings, marriage, and children.

This creates unnecessary expectations or nervous energy which might scare men away.

That is why it is extremely important train yourself to manage your mindset and expectation in order to create the best environment to really get to know the person in the most natural way possible.

Dating Tips For Women

We Are Good at Being Busy Busy Busy.

So Why Not Now?

One tip is be busy right up until the door-bell rings. Even make alternative plans should he cancel the date, so that you do not get too disappointed when he cancels. Hurry bring that DVD you've always wanted to set aside time to really watch again etc.

Dating Tips For Women

Add To Your List Of Activities

Suggestions for what to do on the day of the date

  1. Go to the gym or ballet class
  2. Get a manicure
  3. Take a long hot bubble bath
  4. Buy a new dress or bottle of perfume.
  5. Get a makeover
  6. Meet a friend earlier for coffee
  7. Watch a thriller, a drama or arthouse film (avoid romantic movies for now).
  8. Organize a dinner party for your friends on the weekend.
  9. Get engrossed with your work, hobby etc.

Pamper Yourself in a Home-made Spa

If you are busy all day, you won't be so needy and filled with expectations when he picks you up.

Don't even think about the date at all if you can help it.

Try not to mention to your girlfriends because they might get carried away fantasizing about your date as well!

Refrain from fantasizing or daydreaming because leads to unfulfilled longing!

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