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Welcome to the Miss Manners Column section of Elegantwoman.org. In here are 'Dear Miss Manners' and 'Ask Miss Manners' questions posted by readers, answered by readers in the Elegantwoman.org Community. I also give my comments. This is similar to the Ask Miss Manners Page.

Please be gentle when posting or replying. Kindness rules. Thanks! XOXO, Eunice

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embarrassed to be with family or friends who have no manners 
I love my sister-in-law, but I hate taking her out ANYWHERE. She has absolutely does not have any manners. From dining out to attire, to conversation …

College graduation etiquette 
I will soon be graduating from a two year school with an associate degree. I am already working on my four year degree and will graduate again in 2012. …

Ettiquette when providing a safe, warm place to stay for the night 
This is a question about hosting, but not the normal, social hosting. This is about hosting people who need a place to stay for a night or some number …

What should one do if her date abandons her at a formal where she does not know anybody?  
Dear Eunice Thank-you for making such a lovely website! I have been a reader since this February and really enjoy integrating your suggestions into …

How do I answer, is he/she your boyfriend or girlfriend? 
I'm a teenager at the first year of university. I´ve been dating a friend of mine for about two weeks. We´re becoming closer to each other and I think …

Graduation vs. Baptism 
My son will be graduating at the end of May. I have an extremely large family and we live in far away places. I have a sister flying in from Alaska and …

Reunion Co-Chair 
I am planning a dinner to be held during a 50th class reunion at a 7 Sisters College. We want to let classmates and their guests know that this is not …

Declining an Invite 
Is it ill mannered to decline an invitation to an event based on the price? For example, rather than declining the invitation by just saying, thanks but …

Attending Wake Of Someone You Do Not Know 
My husband believes that it is not appropriate for someone to attend the wake of someone that they did not know personally. I was under the impression …

Etiquette of Clapping 
Last night I watched a gala at the Kennedy Centeer. I was appalled when Mrs. President Obama clapped with both hands for all of the people being touted, …

How do I say no to family members asking to give money to buy others Christmas presents? And is it really okay? 
Christmas is just around the corner and I love, love to get gifts for my family and friends. I guess you could say I am the ultimate gift giver. I place …

Difficulty in "complimenting" a woman 
I met a really attractive and intelligent woman at a party a few weeks ago. It was a public event at an art gallery. She was a high school teacher in her …

Interruptions during a class 
I am in a short finance class. It is only 5 weeks and there is much to cover. During class one woman constantly interrupts to ask questions that often …

Rude Behaviour 
My stepdaughter came on a international vacation with us to a timeshare. While she was there she decided that she would like to purchase a dog. We were …

Husband does not want to attend my Grandfathers funeral 
Let me start by saying my husband is a nice sweet sensitive guy. BUT he works construction and will be off work next week so he does not want to take Wed-Fri …

Do not want my kids to play with the neighbors kids 
We just moved into a new neighborhood. My daughter (7)ran into a girl she rides the bus with while we were at a neighborhood yard sale. Being desperate …

Manners Today: Declining An Invitation With "I'll Pass" 
Isn't there a much more appropriate and gracious way to decline an invitation rather than " I think I'll pass"? This says I am not interested or I don't …

I should be told I'm on speakerphone, right? 
I was talking to my ex-husband about a situation regarding our adult daughter. During the conversation he put me on speaker phone, with out telling me, …

Uninvited Guests - Frustrated at Organizing Dinner Parties 
Dear Miss Manners, I just want to clarify that I am not the "bad person" here. I recently held a small family dinner party for my husband's birthday. …

Lack of reciprocity 
My husband and I entertain quite a lot, both at intimate dinners and fairly large parties. These are neither overly formal nor very casual events, but …

Borrowing Books? 
If a person goes to the Texas Gulf coast on vacation, and starts reading a book found in the condominium, and doesn't finish the book before it's time …

How to acknowledge a Co-worker's loss Not rated yet
A co-worker's Grandfather died recently and I told her that I was sorry for her loss. She replied with what are you sorry for? This took me back and …

Telling the harsh truth VS. Telling a fake lie to be nice Not rated yet
How do you respond if someone asks you ?do I look good in this outfit? or ?does my hair look good? and you honestly think it's obvious it doesn?t look …

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