Disturbing E-mails

by Kim

Miss Manners,

I am tired of getting e-mails from friends and family depicting disturbing images. I am usually a very laid back person and don't mind joke e-mails but occasionally I will get some that truly upset me. Yesterday I was sent an e-mail from a family member regarding child abuse prevention that showed graphic pictures of a beaten 3 yr old. As a mother of two this kind of stuff I don't want to see- it upsets me emotionally and I am very sensitive to it. And this is while I'm at work, no less. Most things I can handle... I am not easily offended. I know their intentions are good. This past time I even responded "Ughhhh please don't send me this stuff" and the reply was "I know I feel the same way". I don't want to be rude but I REALLY don't want to burst into tears at work.

Please help!

Loving Mom

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Oct 01, 2009
Friends Who Don't Get It
by: Eunice


I find it almost rude that your friend ignored your request. I suggest you send her another email with your intentions being firmer.

"Hey, I really appreciate you sharing with me those emails but I get very emotional about it so it's not good for me. Also, I'm at the workplace, it is not very appropriate. Please don't send those type of emails anymore."

If she continues to do so, click "report SPAM" on your email. or block her. I'm sure you can contact you by her phone, chat or Facebook etc.

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