Elegance is the whole person not just the veneer

by Georgina

Remember how we feel when we go on holiday for 2 weeks.

We choose our clothes carefully, ensuring that we only take clothes that are appropriate, flatter us and are right for the occasion. In fact 'A Capsule Wardrobe'.

In real life we need may need several capsule wardrobes, some items will mix and match, others will obviously belong to one section i.e. trainers or nightwear. Even when we are not seen we need to ensure we are elegant.

Write down 'the occasions in our lives'. Work, play, partying, resting at home, sport etc etc.

Look through the wardrobe and put the clothes, shoes and accessories into piles/cardoard boxes labled with the occasions we would wear them.

Then pick out the best, the things we would like to be seen wearing if we met the person we would most like to impress.

Wash, clean, mend, press and then put back into the wardrobe in their sections. If possible together with accessories and shoes in bags etc.

Any items left in the original piles that clearly are not good enough for our capsule wardrobe should be recycled appropriately.

Value ourselves, take time to do a manicure, wash our hair, develope a grooming routine. Never be 'caught out'

Always be courteous, wait until the person speaking has finished, keep our voice low and not high pitched and rushed.

Keep your car clean and well maintained, your home clean and repaired.

Keep within your budget, being in debt is not an elegant way to live.

Choose your battles; sometimes it is better just to walk away.

Never feel superior to others, but choose carefully who you invite to be a friend. Choose what you read and what you view, never be led by others unless you deem them to be the type of person you respect or admire

Elegance comes from within, the desire to be viewed at our very best.

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Oct 13, 2015
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Oct 08, 2015
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Oct 07, 2015
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Jun 16, 2014
Great Tips NEW
by: Jade Campbell

Eunice I love really your post especially reading the older one. You are a blessing and you inspire me to be my best. I have shared your post on my social media pages to bless other sisters in Christ as well. Keep up the good work. 😊

Whenever I think about elegance Queen Esther and Ruth always comes to mind.These ladies are truly elegant in their own right. I also love the late Princess Grace Kelly Style and sophistication.

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