Elegant Aspirations
What Are Yours?

Here is my elegant aspirations.

What is your elegant goal?

Do you have something that you're working towards to?

It could be to have better posture, a refined manner of eating, or to be more meticulous in your grooming?

Perhaps you wish to be more gracious to your friends etc. Commit to it by sharing it here. Connect with others who are the same. Encourage others, help and be helped!

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Elegance at 70 and more 
I would like to be the kind of wife, mother and grandmother that people look forward to seeing and call often, with no sense of obligation. I would …

To No Longer Be "White Trash" 
I grew up in a very low middle class family. Now, I am dating someone from upper middle class. Whenever I invite him somewhere, it's to get ice cream or …

Elegant Self control 
I'd like to continue to develop self control. I can be very excitable, talkative, and hyper. I don't want to subdue my joyful and childlike nature, but …

To be more tolerant 
I have had very destructive people around me, from my parents to the people I chose to spend time with as an adult. I always knew that this behavior was …

I had a dream 
My story is not unique. I grew up in a family of good taste, with manners, but not necessarily elegant. I had never a role of elegance between the women …

better grooming 
taking more time to give myself facials, home manicures and pedicures, having infrared sauna treatments. Overall I need to have a healthy lifestyle.

Life and love 
My elegant goal would be to speak better and be more confident in my conversations with others. I wish to be elegant with my clothing selections, I …

Gaining Poise and Elegance 
I have transformed myself many times throughout the years: moody, over weight loner; shy follower; silly party girl; wife; mother; depressed woman; dream …

I want to make the world a lovelier place 
I'm almost nineteen and have grown up in a house of good taste but not necessarily elegance. My parents were very sporty in their youth and so my mother …

Better poise, is it possible 
Hello First can I thank you for running this site, it is wonderful. I am an elegant women but God is still refining me. I would like to correct my …

To be elegant in my heart and let it shine :) 
My elegant goal is to be elegant not just in my mind but also in my manners, behaviour and posture. Good luck to all of you :)

Nail Art 
Nail art (except French manicure, I mean spangles, foil etc ) is mauvais ton?

Inspiration to become the elegant woman I want to be 
My elegant aspirations may seem silly but here it goes: to stop procrastrinating and get on with becoming the respectable, elegant lady i absolutly …

You need to let go of who you were, to become who you will be 
"" You need to let go of who you were, to become who you will be". What a great phrase, i feel inspired everytime i read this and it puts me straight …

I am fifteen-years-old and have a hard time being a lady. 
I just turned fifteen and for about four months I've been reading this website. I do have manners, and I am as sweet as a rose. I am obese (I do not look …

Refinement when being yelled At. 
I would like to have wit, and peace when someone is yelling at me. I have a terrible tendency to retaliate and say something an elegant lady would not …

To Become As Elegant As I Feel In My Dreams 
I'm a young woman, just eighteen, and social graces and etiquette was not something my parents bothered to teach me while growing up. Of course, they taught …

Smoothness of Style 
Not 1 specifically. I always admire simple,sophisticated people and always try to be like them. One of these inspirations is one of my friend. …

Be Like A Princess 
I'd say right now, my biggest goal is to try to be like a girl out of a Classic Disney movie. Ladies like Cinderella, Jasmine, Mulan, or Belle (and a bunch …

Lady in Training 
For many years I have admired women who are not just women but ladies. I believe, being a lady has very little to do with money or class. One can still …

Grooming Teacher 
Hello Eunice, My name is Summie Mwai, a psychotherapist from Kenya, East Africa. Thank you for your good work and effort to help women in so many aspects …

I am twelve but have an old soul 
i am in the 7th grade but feel as though it is my destiny to be a lovely graceful Audrey Hepburn type (i love her)i want to be casual for school but still …

To meet other elegant people? 
I am fed up with the people I seem to meet. I don't want to sound awful but I fear that in day-to-day life I meet people who don't care for class or elegance …

Aspirations of loveliness 
I have always been fascinated by the art of being a woman. For me, a woman that can demonstrate pure grace, intelligence, exquisite social etiquette, …

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the lost art 
hello! my name is Noelle and I have just entered adulthood, and i desperately wish to enter womanhood! i have always been a rather odd girl/teenager who …

Ashu mombasa Not rated yet
it feels great to know that there women out there struggling with issues of elegance,despite dificult times we are living in...as for me I´M GLAD GOD HAS …

simply elegant Not rated yet
I intend to be more meticulous in my grooming AND to be more generous in my everyday (from gift-giving to random acts of kindness).

Elegant Posture Not rated yet
To walk with better posture and connect being elegant with the great meta-narrative. I'd also like to be more naturally interested in other people. …

Prodigal Southern Belle Not rated yet
My mother and grandmother always displayed good taste and elegance. They were refined and kind and seldom allowed others to cause strong reactions in …

An Elegant Me Not rated yet
When I think of elegance, I picture a woman who has her act together, or is working towards that goal. She has the following characteristics: -Creativity …

Love to be Elegant! Not rated yet
I'm 21 years old girl, my friends often tell me that my mind is too old to my ages. but I like that, I would love to be mature, especially be elegant. …

My Elegant Lady Not rated yet
My lady would smile at herself every day. A true smile, a genuine smile. My lady would walk with a spring in her step. The simple happiness of a new …

Duty of Gentilesse, Courtoisie, Simplicity Not rated yet
It is my intention and, I believe, part of my responsibility to be the example of a Lady that I wish and expect my daughters to become. My concept is …

True Womanhood and Forgiveness. Not rated yet
I want to embody kindness, and I think a large part of that is forgiveness. True forgiveness that is as readily and honestly given as God gives it to us. …

A True Lady  Not rated yet
I want to improve my social skills, my personal style and how I feel as a woman on the inside. Overall, the above traits are alright, but I would like …

Grace Not rated yet
I want to be a graceful and gracious person.

Mademoiselle_Nicole Not rated yet
First of all I wish to say hello to all the ladies here and hope we will exchange ideas and be able to cultivate our common wish to let elegance survive …

Ms Elegance 2008 Not rated yet
My Elegant Aspiration for 2010 is three-fold. In April I'll be launching a Best Seller campaign for my book,"Entering the Age of Elegance: A Rite of Passage …

Improve My Walk and Speak More Graciously To Others Not rated yet
I would like to display more elegance and gracefulness in my walk and show effortless beauty and simplicity instead of one which looks unnatural and almost …

Communicate Confidently Not rated yet
I want to speak with more confidence. I tend to mumble, so I want to make more effort in speaking clearly. I also don't make enough effort to pronounce …

My 2010 Not rated yet
My elegant aspiration is to be a better me! I wish to be more refined, gain more knowledge, and do more things I love, with the people I love.

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