Elegant Baby Shower Ideas

Elegant baby shower ideas for the elegant woman.

How can we have an elegant baby shower? How to hold a baby shower in elegance, taste and style.

Apart from celebration of the arrival of your new baby, the original purpose of baby showers are similar to the Parisian wedding trousseau. They are held to help new parents get started.

In the traditional baby shower, parents-to-be receive gifts such as baby clothes, diapers, baby toys... mostly practical things they need. When their friends have babies, the favour is returned.

Traditionally speaking, a baby shower was held for only women, though in the modern day, it has become acceptable for men to attend as well.

Elegant baby shower idea one: Have someone else throw the baby shower for you.

elegant baby showers

If you can, have someone else host your baby shower. Or at least let it appear that way.

It's hard to explain but it is simply more elegant that way.

There is almost some sort of 'perceived selfishness' when you do things for yourself. It is mostly untrue, it just 'looks' that way.

Going back to tradition, the shower is hosted by the maid of honour or your bridesmaids at your wedding. Traditionally, it was never hosted by the mother, sister or grandmother of the baby. Sister in law though, is 'accepted'.

This is gathered from my study of old etiquette books. Who found these rules anyway? I included the above just for your information only.

What does it mean by hosting for you?

Basically means someone else other than you should send out the baby shower invitations and host the baby shower party games. The mother might be involved in the planning but the host runs the show.

Elegant Baby Shower Idea Two: Keep it low-key.

baby shower

There is something very chic about being low key. Chic is defined as being casually elegant.

Personally, I prefer a baby shower without baby shower games. Actually, I prefer ANY party without party games, other than the ones we discuss interesting conversational topics.


I don't think it is very classy or grown up to play games which involve running, screaming or shouting, except maybe at a beach or a camp.

By playing games, you're assuming that everyone else wants to as well.

Why not just have cake and tea?

Click here to learn how to host an Afternoon tea.

Some elegant baby shower games suggestions

Add your own interesting spin.

  1. Elegant baby shower games: Everyone takes a turn to give a baby name from A-Z.

  2. Everyone writes a little piece of advice and encouragement or message to the new baby and put it on a large pin board.

Elegant Baby Shower Idea Three: Make it a dress up party

elegant baby shower

Have your friends 'guess the sex of the baby'.

If they think your baby is a girl, come dressed in pink. If they think your baby is a boy, they can come in blue.

Very low key, though you can go all out to host an elegant party. I'm sure it will make some very elegant memories and photos.

Elegant Baby Shower Idea Four: Plush and Class

Of course, I prefer to recommend NOT to have a baby registry.

If you do, it is in good taste not to make a list of expensive items.

The idea to have a baby shower to get gifts...just doesn't ring right. To throw a party to celebrate the birth of your child should be about gathering friends and family, not to solicit for gifts. If they bring gifts, that's awesome! If they don't, it does not matter.

A great elegant baby shower idea is to make a video diary at your celebration. Have someone do little 'recordings' with your guests to say something memorable to you or your baby. You can try to get interesting responses by saying, 'Did you know before you were bborn.."

That would be memorable and meaningful AND timeless.

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