Elegant Bathroom Lighting
How to Choose and Create Elegant Effects

Some examples of elegant bathroom lighting. Learn how to create different effects of elegant bathroom decorating.
elegant bathroom lighting, Majestic and magnificent bathroom of an Executive Room at the Hotel de Crillon, Paris, France

There are three types of lighting for any room: general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.

General lighting

General lighting is to illuminate the room like day time. One of this type of lighting is called "cloud light" where it has fluorescent fixtures surface-mounted to the ceiling. Chandeliers do a good job providing general lighting as well.

Task lighting

Task lighting works like a spot light that illuminates a general area. Especially for us girls, we would need this over the make up area, wash basin area, where the mirrors are etc.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is used to accentuate highlights of interior decoration or a decorative feature. It is used to create a feel, an atmosphere.

To attain elegance in our bathrooms, we have to be discrete in our choices for all three types of lighting. Both general and task lighting are functional, but that doesn't mean they cannot be tasteful and elegant.

When you speak to your interior decorator, remember to discuss how bright or dim you would like your bathroom to be. Take special note of specific areas, such as your make up counter.

To get an elegant bathroom lighting effect, try to 'hide' general and task lighting as much as possible, unless they serve a decorative purpose.

Sometimes they can double up in function. For example, chandeliers make lovely choices because they serve both functional and decorative purposes.

Elegant Bathroom Lighting Gallery

Balinese Spa design

This is one example of elegant bathroom lighting inspired from a spa in Bali.

Obviously, you can't see the general and task lighting here but they are definitely in place. Notice how the accent lighting comes in form of "candles" or lighting that is inbuilt into the little wall where it shines upwards. It is very common in lighting found by pools.

There are many little lamps or lighting fixtures that has the feel of a candle or looks just like one.

"Chandeliers and Mirrors" Lighting

This is another of my favourite examples of elegant bathroom lighting.

A very clever use of strategically placed mirrors, table lamps and chandeliers. Beautiful wall lamps are also used.

Which results in an spacious and luxurious feeling.

The choice of colour scheme and furniture have all been strategically selected. Cream pastels and white along with other light coloured things. The decorator was not afraid to put lighting that were not commonly used in bathrooms, such as the standing lamp at the left corner.

For elegant home decorating principles, please go to Elegant Decorating

Elegant Contrasts Lighting Effects

Very simple furnishings accented with opulent looking features.

Plain: Vanilla plain shower curtains, bath tub, toilets, bath mat, sink, towel rack.

Opulent: Ceiling, chandelier, mirror, wall lamps.

Added detail: The deep royal purples and "lace" looking borders.

In this case, the chandelier provides the task and general lighting and the wall lamps provided the task and accent lighting.

Elegant Hotel Bathroom

This was inspired by an elegant hotel.

You can see how all three, general, task and accented lighting are used here. It is so subtle when you look at a bathroom, but it makes all the difference.

Dark wood and cream is my favourite combination. I also enjoy the beautiful accented orchids and lilies.

A Hint of Country

Lovely happy yellows, used cleverly with lamp with gold trimmings. Situating the bathroom near windows are also a trade-old idea, reducing the need for a lamp during the day and also a feeling of space when sitting in the confines of a tub.

More Information on Elegant Bathroom Lighting

For serious lighting research, American Lighting Association, provides these useful articles,

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