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Do we really need a cake for birthdays, or for that matter, any occasion for celebration? Yes we do, because we do not justify eating beautiful elaborate cakes!

Never eat a beautiful cake on your own, unless you are having a special me-and-God time.

Always share your cake with your bestfriend, your husband, your mother and mother-in-law.

A cake for any celebration of life, bringing home your first puppy, getting your first job, driving to a new place! Have a beautiful cake as a surprise for your dinner party guests at the end of the meal, even though they protest that they can't eat any more. Just watch their eyes gleam when you bring out the finale of the lovely night...

A cake should be beautiful on the outside and inside, just like you.

Elegant Cake Ideas

Many of any 'occasion of celebration' could work round an elegant theme. I elaborate:

Just as I am very visual, I've included pictures that inspire me and yes, I've continued my theme of matching the cake with the dress. "Seeing the big picture" is more inspirational and this will be in tune with my little elegant nugget about my old French teacher Read the story here.

A very lovely idea to have elegant dresses to go with your cake, or theme, no matter how simple it may be.

Beautiful Spring In A Garden

Cocktails Theme

Little Birthday Picnic Theme And don't forget the tea!

Your Chocolate Treat Ooh, I can't resist chocolate cake.

Fruit Cake Theme They look divine.

Where you can come dressed like you are in the country along with fruit baskets! Tiffany's Blue Theme A very gorgeous party. Romantic Birthday Suitable for an exclusive party of two.A Goddess Theme

Marie Antoinette Birthday Cupcake Theme Let them eat cake indeed!

Pastel Roses Theme With a whole tier of bonny cupcakes!

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