Elegant Decorating Ideas

Looking for some elegant decorating ideas or elegant decorating tips? Follow the best guidelines of elegant home design and decor.

Elegant Decorating Quick fixes

  • Keep it visually simple and add elegant touches.

  • Let everything blend together with one focus point in the room. Keep clutter and overboard decorations out of sight with beautifully naturally well lit, airy setting. A clean and orderly room almost commands elegance right away. Personal touches show that your elegant home is well loved.

    elegant dresser

  • Aside from decorative items, only let things be in a room if they serve a purpose. Use everything else only if they are elegant home accents.

  • Group like things together. They will be more accessible and also look better.

  • If you can hide something, hide it, but keep it reasonable. Make sure your room works for you. You shouldn't always have to open a drawer to dig out the remote control when you want to watch some television.

  • Choose elegant home decorating elements and things in the room that share the chosen color palette in your theme.

  • Half the battle is won when the space is clean.

  • Do let advertisements & catalogs enter the house. Get rid of mail or deal with them right away when you get them.

  • Never use things given free adorning advertisements.

  • Keep things simple.

  • Set rules about what goes on the table or counter and stick to them.

  • Take an inventory of things that seem to build up and get rid of them creatively. See if these problem items look familiar: beauty & cosmetic products, pens, books, catalogs, magazines.

    elegant study room
    Spaces free of clutter makes it elegant.

  • Make a routine of throwing things away every few months, depending on how much stuff you bring home. Set limits, too. Never allow yourself to have more than five sets of bedsheets (depending on how many beds you have, of course). This avoids unnecessary clutter and the headaches and lack of space that goes with it.

    I wrote this for Wikihow a while ago. You may look at the original article here. . I've added and made edits to this one on elegantwoman.org. :)

    My Interpretation of Elegant Decorating

    About my home-decorating influence:

    I've a thing for classic styles. If I have a limited budget, I'll furnish with refurbished furniture and decorative items in flea markets, 2nd-hand stores and Ikea. I'll use a unified colour palette and stick to fabrics. The look tends to have a soft uncluttered english country home feel. One of my favourite designers of this look is Rachel Ashwell.

    elegant decorating ideas romantic style

    If I were working with a larger budget, I'd focus on main items of a room and invest in a more distinguished look, like in an elegant old boutique hotel in Europe. The pieces would be solid and limited in an area of space. I'll ensure all the needed-clutter of children or work goes into the private rooms!

    elegant living room
    Elegant white living room - Photo by J. Savage Gibson House Beautiful December 2007

    There are many styles of elegant decorating which you can explore as long as the elegant principles of elegance are adhered. One elegant decorating style is Art Deco Style. There will be more to come...be right back soon!

    Thank you for reading 'Elegant Decorating Ideas'!

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