Elegant Dresses for Infants

Elegant Dresses for Infants - Inspiration For Building your Baby's Wardrobe

I grew up having this taught to me. That the state of your children reflects on the type of mother you are.

Little girls should always be seen in lil' pretty dresses!

I try very hard not to look at the poor mother's face to avoid further embarrassing her when her child is screaming his lungs out, slapping a sleeping old man on the train, or making loud shooting noises as he trots along beside his mother.

I've seen disheveled looking kids crawl under the restaurant tables, licking a runaway potato on the floor, with parents (usually looking disheveled themselves) not giving two hoots.

Bottom line is, at least we have one area as mothers that we can control.

In this new age of accessible cheap manufacturing produce, there are masses of styles, fabrics, types of baby clothes poured into the market by the minute. We are spoiled for choice. If you compare our photos with the children of today, somehow there is a sinking feeling that we looked more 'proper' as kids.

Nevertheless, as requested, I've done a little research especially into vintage fashions and this is The Elegant Woman's interpretation of "Elegant Dresses for Infants" for building your baby's wardrobe.

White Dresses Are Ethereal

Almost all white dress pulled out from any shop will be elegant on your child. You can never go wrong with elegance with this number.

Ribbons are also very lovely on little children.

An Old School Hat

Hats are a good idea because it shields the delicate baby skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Polka Dots

Polka dot are always in style, always classy.

A little Red Dress

This reminds me of the dolls I used to play with. A plush look for your baby.

For more visual inspirations please continue to the gallery on page 2!

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