Elegant Entertaining

Introduction to Elegant Entertaining: How to be a gracious host.

"Any excuse for a party!" - elegantwoman.org

"Celebrate life, or it will pass you by. " - unknown

One of the most elegant traits of an elegant woman is when she is a gracious host.

Being a gracious host is all about serving others, being generous and investing her time in relationships of her friends and family

A good party does not happen by chance. It requires planning, a bit of legwork, some cooking and cleaning. It takes considerable effort to make a guest list, follow up, organize the rsvps. It also costs money!

Not all parties are equally entertaining.

The Marks of A Good Party?

When every one is comfortable, have sufficient space to mingle, has interesting conversation, is well fed, has easy access to drinks etc. just to name a few.

Elegant Entertaining Inspirations

entertaining ideas
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Why should we learn how to entertain? Firstly, it is an elegant skill. Secondly, they are creating memories. A life fulfilled is a life shared.

Spend time, not money on materials on holiday traditions.

Cook, eat, drink, and gather your loved ones. Create rituals of celebration. Pass them on. It is the tradition of celebration!

I agree that it seems commercial ... these birthdays, anniversaries, valentine's day, Christmas...

Then I asked myself, if I did not have these little commercial dates, would I have made the effort to celebrate my beloved friends and family?

Maybe, or not? Who knows whether I'll remember to show appreciation on mother's day or not? So now I just see these celebrations just as an organized way of making sure I lavish all my love and attention on my mom or dad at least once a year.

Fun Trivia - There is a call for celebrating life. If you look up the Thesaurus, celebrate also means, honor, mark, make merry, memorialize, remember, have fun, have a good time, paint the town red, make whoopie (I'm serious!), live it up, have a ball.

The Benefits of Elegant Entertaining

If you have moved into a new town, it's a good way to meet new people and introduce yourself to the new community.

It is also a way to enrich your business networks and relationships. That is why companies set aside an entertaining budget for team building or gaining clients

You'll leverage your time by meeting all your friends at once.

You'll create a memory. I remember all my parties. They give an excuse to take fabulous photos too!

It is also a good motivator to tidy up the house! As your dinner party looms close, you'll find yourself going that extra mile your house needs.

As Debra Ollivier says, there need not be any logical reason to celebrate - to clink glasses in a simple fete!

Elegant Parties

Your party hosting is also about presenting yourself. You want to do it in a tasteful way.

Forget the six-packs of beer and economy-size of chips.

Forget the plastic cutlery and paper plates.

And please forget parties with no music or decorations.

Most of all, let your parties be remembered with pleasantness not effortless, sloppy parties!

Which Type Of Elegant Entertaining Is You?

Types of Elegant Entertaining

entertaining ideas
  • Elegant Coffees
  • Tea Parties
  • Brunches
  • Garden Parties
  • Dinner Parties
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Dinner and Dance
  • A ball
  • Charity events
  • Theme Parties

  • See Elegant Party Types & Ideas

    How To Be An Elegant Host

  • Create a guest list.

  • Extend elegant invitations.

  • Create the an elegant atmosphere.

  • Serve yummy food and drinks. See ideas of Elegant Dinner Recipes
  • Set elegant table decorations

  • Graciously handle embarrassing situations. See How To Be At Social Ease

  • Be an elegant and great host! Don't forget to dress up!

  • More Inspiration for Being an Elegant Host

    See French Girl As Hostess!

    Or these books below:

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