Elegant Hair Styles Gallery

Elegant Hair Styles Gallery is a continuation from Elegant Hair Styles. How to dress your hair elegantly.

We will focus on The Classic Ponytail, Elegant Curls and Glamourous Hair. As you'll probably agree with me that not all hairstyles are created equal.

The Classic Ponytail

Heading out for an elegant casual evening but do not have time to do your hair. The Classic Ponytail never fails to be casually elegant. Of course, it doesn't have to be boring.

How to Make Your Ponytail Chic

There are several ways to do it.

Tease your hair a little bit to give some volume to the top or the back.

Your ponytail should be 'neat' and 'together'. Mix things up a little by curling the ends of the ponytail.

You can also create volume by putting a little hairstyle and blowdrying it from the bottom.

To create some texture, you can crimp it or put a little gel and run your fingers through it to give it a little beach wavvy, sunkissed look.

Lovely Elegant Curls

There are many curling tools out in the market. Curling irons, rollers, sponge-type crimpers etc.

I'm not going to lie to you. Not all of us have aptitude for curling our hair wonderfully. It takes lots of practice. Experiment with a few tools. So far, I find curling irons the most effective, but time consuming.

If you don't feel confident on doing your own hair, have your hair done at an elegant hair salon and watch how the hairstylist does it.

See also How to Do Your Own Hair Videos

Glamourous and Elegant Hair

Add volume to your hair with the help of a teaser and hair spray!

There're all sorts of tools in the market these days like bump-its and hair pads to increase the volume of your hairdo.

Looking for more glamourous hair styles? Even the ones to wear daily? See Sophisticated Hairstyles

More Elegant Hair Styles

I try not to make the pages too long and tedious to read, so if you are ready for more elegant hair inspirations, please continue to the third page of the elegant hairstyle collection.

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