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Elegant hairstyles are more important than we think. An elegant hairstyle is more than personal grooming. It shapes your face and actually helps your communication skills!

How? In what way? People look at you when you speak. They hear your words. However, the impact of your words can be reduced if they are distracted by your hair. It is distracting to have thoughts of someone's hair. Your hair should not take attention away from your face, your smile, your expressions.

No matter how well you dress, speak or carry yourself, if your hair is wild and inappropriate, it ruins your classy appearance.

Your Hairstyle influences People's Impression Of You

Your hairstyle influences people's impression of you more than you think and realize

Let's do a little test. We'll realize how quickly we judge people by their hairstyle.

Now, just for one moment, imagine the kind of hair you'll expect to see on

elegant hairstyles
  • A rock star.

  • A gangster.

  • A queen.

  • A princess.

  • A tattoo artist.

  • A ballerina.

  • A cheerleader.

Are you surprised by the stereotype images that come to mind?

A while ago, Colin and I found a great deal on rental cars online. When we got there, the sales person looked very unprofessional because of his orange hair. We thought it was a scam. It wasn't. We just did not associate the hair with a legitimate business.

Point is, no matter how elegant your dress is, with your blond roots showing or greasy flat hair, it'll be challenging to have an elegant look.

Picking An Elegant Hairstyle That Suits You

First of all, having a clean and neat hairstyle is mandatory.

Now, we'll have to determine what suits you by first, your face shape. Then, the kind of lifestyle you have.

Your Face Shape

Finding an Elegant Hairstyle That Suits

Oval - congratulations! You have the most versatile shaped face and suits almost all hairstyles.

Square - Leave some hair around your cheeks to shape your face. You might want to consider a shorter hairstyle.

Heart shaped - do not tie your hair all the way back, play around with soft curls to balance out the lower half.

Other Considerations

elegant updo

Other features of your face that you should take into consideration when selecting a hairstyle

Sometimes, your face shape is not clearly defined. Or maybe you're just not sure. You're more concerned about the features of your face, for instance, you may have a high forehead. Your eyes might be a little too far apart or close to each other. They may droop to the sides or are slanted.

The appearance of cheekbones may be accentuated by hairstyle.

Consider all these factors, including your cheeks.

Do some research on elegant hairstyles and find a good, reputable hair dresses. Your hairstyle is important. It is your crowning glory.

Your Lifestyle

If you find yourself with sufficient leisure time, you can afford to have a hairstyle that requires more maintenance. Such as a different hair colour altogether, with highlights and the works. You may have a fahsionable bang, layers or perms.

Otherwise, you can stick to low maintenance, nonetheless elegant hairstyles. If you colour your hair, do not go more than two shades darker or lighter. Preferably, leave your fringe long. And learn how to style your hair, in elegant updos, celebrity styles etc.

Etiquette of Elegant Hair

The princples of elegance are also applied to hair. Keep them clean, neat, without dandruff. That would prevent you from bad habits such as scratching your hair. They should look always in place. It should not be too long or short. It should be clear from your face and never cover your eyes. It should not make you want to touch or flip your hair at any time. Roots should never be shown, tangles not visible.

When you are speaking, or in conversation, refrain from twirling your hair, looking for split ends or try to smoothen your tangles. It is also not acceptable to tie your hair in public, or comb it.

Elegant Hairstyles

Simplicity is the best.
elegant chignon

Elegant Chignon

It is when the hair is pulled back into a bun. An alternative is when your hair is in a classic french twist.

Wearing your hair up presents your face elegantly. It is not distracting and it complements all elegant dresses.

You can wear it to work, to a party or even at home. It is elegant, neat and tidy. The more casual you'll need your hair to be, the 'looser' the chignon.

A Low to Mid Ponytail

Too high will make you too high fashion (which is not elegant), or too young.

The classic ponytail is a chic, casually elegant look very wearable for daytime.

You can wear it with casual, smart casual and sports clothes.

glamourous hair

Half ponytail

This gives a neat and clear face yet has a softer, feminine feel. If you have sharp cheekbones, tying your hair way back may give a harsh look. Some hair around the shoulders with a clear forehead is a softer, more elegant alternative.

A Poufy Top

This look can be achieved by using a barrette with your fringe pulled back. You can also backcomb your hair (with hair spray) and fasten it with pins. Another elegant choice is the use of hairbands. For the rest of your hair, you may wear it up with an elegant chignon or a ponytail.

Using The Classic Hair Band

Hairbands are traditional and are classically elegant. However, they are for younger women. Hairbands are convenient for pushing the hair off your face. It takes only a minute to brush your hair and put on your hairband. Add a little chic by wearing it with your ponytail.

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