What Are Your Elegant Inspirations?

What are your elegant inspirations? Inspiration is vital to elegance. When we pay attention to the little things and beauty around us, it inspires us towards elegance.

Counting our daily blessings is a way of life.

When we pay attention to the little things... things that make us smile, laugh, feel happy, it makes us appreciate how much we have.

When we strive to be conscious of beauty around us, our senses get inspired and our awareness of elegance grows.

In The Little Pink Book of Elegance, Jodi Kahn says,

Although true elegance emanate from inside, elegance and beauty are all around us, and serve as wonderful teachers.

What Inspires You?

I keep many diaries. I was born a documenter.

I love saving pictures of what I find elegant, beautiful. I enjoy writing thoughts and memories that leave an impression in my life.

That is why I have this website elegantwoman.org and an elegant blog, amongst my many beautiful journals

Here are some of my elegant entries.

Elegant Inspiration: Beautiful Handwriting

elegant inspirations handwriting

There is something beautiful with elegant writing. Before print revolutionized the worlds, people who had beautiful handwriting could get jobs writing out bibles, family tree books, marriage documents etc.

It is an art. If you have beautiful handwriting, you should commend yourself! I know it is old fashioned, but make an effort to write pretty cards, notes for your family and friends. I, for one, have not-so-elegant handwriting.

I still make the effort though. Thank goodness for beautiful fonts on word processing programs!

Elegant Inspiration: Balconies

elegant balconies, elegant inspirations

If I could, I would have a balcony in every apartment I live in. I would love to have coffee there, dine there or just make pretty by flowers and potted plants.

They just look so darling. There is something romantic about it.

With an elegant balcony, you can bring a little bit of the goodness of the outside, in.

You can have a view from higher ground, perhaps indulge in a little people watching. It serves as a large window, bringing fresh air in.

To be able to eat or dine outside yet retain the intimacy and comfort of your own home is just wonderful!

Bless the person who invented elegant balconies.

Elegant Inspiration: Monogrammed Gifts

elegant monogrammed gifts

It is so old-fashionedly elegant.

I honestly believe that is how big designers become a 'brand'. They all started making things and monogrammed them for ownership of the design. So that people would know that it is their work.

In the past, ordinary people also monogrammed their possessions for proof of ownership.

While we don't have to monogram to prove our ownership anymore, monogramming always adds an elegant touch.

Elegant Inspiration: Old Books

Most old books are hard to keep. In general, they were made very well but the paper were not of similar quality to the good books of today because technology was not as advanced then.

elegant books

However, there is something very precious about them. I keep about a couple of books from my childhood.

They evoke memories of what I was like as a child, and all the daydreams I had. Reading them away is like visiting an old place from my past, even if they were fairytale stories of castles and meadows.

Amongst my most prized collection are Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Classic Fairytales, Goodnight stories, The Children's Bible, Archie comics, Sweet Valley girls (just one to two books left because I gave the rest away), Teenage books of Manners, books by Judy Blume and Roald Dahl, which Maltida was my favourite.

Elegant Linen

elegant linens

Linen these days in shops aren't as pretty as how they used to be! It is a challenge to find really good ones and even harder to find ones with lace!

However I make the effort to collect and use beautiful linens, no matter how precious they are.

I've learnt that it is better in life to treat yourself the very best and more goodness with come your way.

Warm sunshine coming through my bedroom

elegant bedroom, elegant inspiration

Though it is true that no one likes to wake up to sunshine in their face, and that sun does cause premature aging, I still believe in the benefits of a little sun.

Without the sun, the trees won't be green and animals will not have their vibrant colour (scientifically proven).

There was an experiment I read years ago that a goldfish was reared in the dark room, giving it plenty of food and oxygen. And when it finally was brought out into the light, it wasn't its usual beautiful gold colour. It was white! For the same reason, deep sea animals are usually white colourless or develop light-emitting agents on their body to get around.

For this reason, I still think we should not be afraid of the sun. Wear plenty of sunblock yes, but draw your curtains and open your windows! Let the sun fill your lovely house, we feel happier when a place is naturally lit and airy.


elegant writing inspiration

An age-old practice that we neglect but have been revived by blogging! It is quite an amazing experience when you re-read your journal entries. Reflecting on the good things of the past helps us appreciate every moment of our life.

There is always a sense of wanting to journal, to remember in all of us, no matter what you think about yourself. That is why you take pictures, capture videos!

How Journaling Started:

I was told in the past, shepherds started scraping a line on a stone for every sheep he counted. That way, he could tell whether he had lost any sheep.

If you think about it, writing is a mere transference of thought to paper. We can store that paper, read it at another time, leave it for generations preceding us when we are gone. We are able to learn about the past through history, learn about our heritage, smile at silly christmas cards we wrote when we were a child. I enjoy very much watching videos of my husband when he was a child as much as I enjoy hearing childhood stories from his family.

My dream is when I have a child, I will write about it and make it a wonderful birthday gift when he/she turns eighteen.

elegant gifts

Old fashioned wrapping

I miss elegant presentation of gifts that we used to do.

Even if it is just a little brown paper and silk or satin ribbons.

Oh the pleasure in receiving a beautifully wrapped gift and unwrapping it!

Elegant Bath tubs

elegant bath bathtub

Elegant Inspirations: Draw a bath filled with flowers!

Who takes long baths anymore? It is highly tempting to ignore them because it takes up so much time.

Here is added motivation to use your elegant bath tub.

Research says baths in a bath tub is actually better for cleanliness and it does not dry up your skin in ways like a hot shower does.

For those of us who don't have bath tubs, we can still make our bathrooms elegant and make our bath time a more pleasurable experience!

What are your elegant inspirations and aspirations?

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