Elegant Invites and Invitation Ideas

Thinking of what kind of elegant Invites and invitation designs? Here are some elegant invitation ideas.

Elegant Invites are the beginning and foundation of planning an elegant party. It sets the mode and the tone of what kind of party your guests can expect.

I enjoy designing party invitations. I especially love it when my guests get excited about my party just because of the extra effort I've put in to send my elegant invitations.

In planning parties, I've browsed around for ideas and found many beautiful wedding invitations, but not many suited less formal (but not any less exciting) events. Such as tea party invitations, slumber party invitation and theme parties invitations. I've archived them here.

Elegant Invitations, Humble Beginnings Of Every Great Party

After you set the theme, decided on the decorations, and dresscode, you can then communicate your ideas for the party by your invitation.

Your invitation will create an anticipation, excitement and set expectations of your party for your guests.

What type of party are you going to throw? Choose your invitation accordingly.

Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Letterpress is traditionally one of the most elegant ways to send an elegant invite.

Elegant Ornaments For Formal Party Invitations

Add glamour to your already elegant invite by adding little trinkets.

Elegant Ribbons

Classically elegant. It would be extra lovely if it came in a box.

Vintage Wedding Style

Tea Party Invitations

A very fetching play with colour with these tea party invitations.

If you're planning a tea party...

Slumber Party Invitation

Pretty in pink slumber party idea!

Scroll Invites

Elegant Handwriting

Sometimes all we have to do is to have elegant handwriting fonts on simple, crisp white paper. It becomes an elegant invitation.

Elegant Invitation Boxes

The ultimate elegant invitation is to have your invitation come in a box instead of an envelope.

P.s.Notice that at the bottom left hand corner is an Halloween invitation. I've never seen such an elegant Halloween invite before!

Ideas for Making Your Own Elegant Invites

Here are some elegant invitation ideas if you are going to make your own party invitations.

Make party invitations using:

  • A special date with roman looking numbers.
  • Monograms. They are old-school and elegant.
  • A mix of elegant fabrics - lace, chiffon, velvet.
  • Make party invitations using vintage embellishments from scrapbooking stores like old coins, keys, paper roses.
  • Do not forget sparkle dust! They have a wide array of colours, shimmery and catching the light, even little diamond ones too!

There are many ways to get creative with an elegant invitation. What is your favourite?

Here is an interesting website where you can learn how to make elegant invitations.

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