Elegant Jewelry and Fashion Acessories

A woman can look elegant by learning how to accessorize in a certain way. She also can increase her elegance by knowing how to use select pieces.

Elegant jewelry and fashion acessories are punctuation marks in your style, an accent in your fashion.

While good quality clothes are a must, you'll have elegant style by just accessorizing. And it doesn't have to be expensive. You are able to achieve an expensive look by knowing how to buy the right elegant costume jewelry.

What is the difference between jewelry and fashion accessories?

Elegant jewelry refers to the precious stones and metals, such as gold, diamonds, rubies etc and fashion accessories are really costume jewelry.

Of course, there is a big difference in price! Your first piece of elegant jewelry might be your engagement ring, however if you know how to choose well, you might never need to spend extra dollars on fine elegant jewelry!

The 'Powers' of Elegant Jewelry and Fashion Accessories

Elegant jewelry and fashion accesssories have astounding abilities to create different looks with your existing wardrobe.

You'll find that you can wear that same little black dress in twenty different ways because of accessories.

The ability to transform an outfit makes your clothes work harder for you. You now have more combinations (of shoes, bags, accessories) to work with.

With a few cleverly placed accessories, you can 'dress your outfit up or down', making it go from 'day time to an elegant evening.'

Choosing Your Elegant Jewelry and Fashion Accessories

Say you're saving some money for a holiday and you've got a fabulous party to go to. Or maybe you simply don't have time to shop. Having the right jewelry wardrobe can create the impression that you have more outfits than you really do.

Either get creative with your existing accessories and 'play around' a little, mixing and matching, or get a statement piece of jewelry costing less than twenty dollars.

elegant jewelry & fashion accessories
Oscars 2008, *Hilary Swank

Whenever faced with a "I've got nothing to wear!" situation, remember, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

Express Your Style

Elegant jewelry and fashion accessories are often used to express one's style. No one quite wears jewelry the same way.

Finding your own style requires just a little be of experimentation to find what you like, or what feels right.

Building Your Elegant Jewelry
& Fashion Accessories Wardrobe

Like building a quality clothes wardrobe, we first stock up on the classic pieces.

Classic pieces are jewelry and accessories that you can wear with any outfit, and match almost any occasion under the sun! For instance, you may wear the same pearl stud earrings with your elegant gown and with a blouse and skirt.

Classic Jewelry Wardrobe

Here is a list of Classic pieces.

  1. An elegant silver wrist watch (or a silver and gold toned)
  2. A silver tennis bracelet
  3. A colourful or bright coloured bracelet for a casual look (beads or precious stones)
  4. A necklace
  5. Pearl stud earrings
  6. A single strand of pearls choker length.
  7. A pair of silver hoops
  8. Solitaire rings (CZ or diamond, pearl)

You can't go wrong with any of these pieces. Rebuilding your wardrobe? Copy this list!

See also how to care of your diamond jewelry.

Statement Jewelry and Accessories

After you have established your Classic Jewelry wardrobe, you might consider adding a few statement pieces.

Statement pieces are for, well, making a statement. They are accents in your clothes and serve as a 'focus' to your outfit.

They are a great way to communicate your personal style. It's bold, it's confident, it's fun.

Statement Jewelry draws attention (just make sure it's appropriate to occasion) and is a great conversation starter.

A statement piece is perfect and an affordable way to achieve a 'fresh new look', without buying a whole new wardrobe.

Because of the attention-grabbing nature of statement jewelry, you are advised to wear only one at a time or mix them up carefully with classic, more subtle pieces.

Take your time to collect these accent pieces, certainly one at a time! Find them on your travels, little trips off the beaten shopping paths and you can tell that story everytime.

Every girl should own at least one or two pieces. If you've got a big one, go for it! It could be just your signature style.

Statement Jewelry Wardrobe

Here is a list of accent pieces
  1. Big rings worn on your second finger (wear one only each time)
  2. A couple of dangling earrings which should at least consist of colours black, gold or silver
  3. Assorted long chains that ends around your navel
  4. Bangles of good quality made in wood, silver, bronze and never plastic
  5. Long strand of pearl necklace
  6. An elegant gold thin wrist cuff
  7. Pins or clips with ribbons, silver ornaments etc
  8. Gold bracelets, chunky or slimline.

Accessorizing Tips For An Elegant Look

Remember less is more! An elegant look is classic, simple. It is not distracting, or overwhelming.

If you want to achieve an elegant look with your jewelry wardrobe, see also Elegant Jewelry & Fashion Accessories Etiquette - Tips of Elegant Accessorizing

Buying The Right Jewelry For An Elegant Look

Buying the right pieces helps you save money and time. Find out what kind of jewelry helps increase your elegance of your outfit, what cheapens your outfit and avoid these mistakes! See How to Buy Elegant Jewelry and Accessories.

Thank you for reading 'Elegant Jewelry & Fashion Acessories'!

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