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Elegant Master Bathrooms

An overview of Elegant Master Bathrooms

Breaking it down into little bite sizes. If you are looking for pictures, they are halfway down this page.

General Guidelines to Elegant Master Bathrooms

(no matter what size) are:

- Aesthetically pleasing
- Functional & User friendly
- Safe
- An established flow of use and upkeep
- Easy-to-maintain
- Use of a central focus and accents.

1. Aesthetically pleasing

First of all, we can all admit that walking into a dirty or cluttered bathroom increases our stress level. We cringe, wrinkle our noses and hold in our breath.

If you are fortunate to be at the beginning stage, where you are currently designing your bathroom, it is advisable a soothing, peaceful overall feel.

simple bathroom
Start your bathroom ensuring it is like a blank canvas.

Anticipate how much space you need and build in the cabinets to be able to store your bathroom products. Try to keep everything out of sight as much as possible. Let the cabinets blend into the walls.

Stay away from quirky or fashionable prints because very soon, you'll get sick of it. Imagine having red and black walls for your bathroom for the next 10 years?

The summary of elegant decorating in 10 seconds Pick a theme or a main colour. Choose supporting colours. Build around one focus. Keep clutter at bay. Choose warm lighting.

P.s Read my article about Elegant Home where I have more liberty to elaborate.

2. - Functional & User friendly

When we go shopping for bathroom accessories, elegant shower curtain, elegant bathroom lighting, we tend to get carried away with the gimmicks and perceived elegance. That is the reason why the photo at the top of the page is a clean slate, accented by beautiful embroidered bath mats. The idea is to create a blank canvas and work on it. But before we get to do all the fun stuff of accenting, we have to ensure it is functional and user friendly.

Some taps look very pretty, but are you sure its far away enough from the edges of the sink such that it will not cause a gob of germs farming because of its water splashes? It might not make sense to have a luxurious hot tub if you are lacking in space.

The position of bathroom elements must make sense as well. I've seen houses where the architect/interior designer placed the toilet roll holder in awkward positions which is really quite annoying. Design your bathroom well with function FIRST in mind, before you go around picking gorgeous bathroom accessories.

The Antique Bathroom

3. - Safe

Do safety checks! Do not place sockets where water might splash by, areas where its hard to reach. Say, if you are trying to blow your hair and contorting your body at angles where you might get a nasty fall when its wet. If you are prone to slips, get anti-slip tiles, anti-slip proofing or bath mats. If you have a child, childproof those dangerous edges.

4. An established flow of use and upkeep

There has to be a room for everything. There also has to be an organized workflow. For instance, there has to be room for the laundry basket, for you to hang your towels, hang your bathroom, take in your clean clothes. Toilet paper rolls, hand towels, soap, must be accessible. Finding the new towels in the bathroom shouldn't take more than 5 seconds to figure out.

5. Easy-to-maintain

The general guideline is that you can tidy up your bathroom in 20 seconds. A good test is if your best friend suddenly drops by, will you be able to present your bathroom well? Within than 20 seconds you should be able to, clear the laundry or at least throw the hanging clothes into the hamper and shut its beautiful lid, give a quick wipe to the mirrors and the counters, throw the rubbish and draw the shower curtains?

It should be clutter free, have an organized flow, and a space for everything.

6. Use of a central focus and accents.

Akin to the principles of elegant decorating as from the post on Elegant Home. After you have done the above, it's time for the fun part! Picking out little details served as 'accents' to make your bathroom truly elegant and beautiful. The bathroom is always a happy and relaxing place!

As they say, God is in the details.

Some Visuals For Your Inspiration

As I do not have access to hundreds of royalty free images, I use Polyvore, where I'm allowed to display images to illustrate my content. They get free advertising as well as if you click on the ads, they can show you where these items are from - i.e. they are properly credited. A swell idea!

I've put together some of elegant decorations. They are mainly to get your creative juices going! Do send me pictures of your elegant master bathroom and I will feature them here!

Modern Elegant Master Bathrooms

I have this thing for old-fashioned tubs.

They are so wonderfully elegant.

Our elegant ambassador had one.

Just not used exactly for showering!

Elegant Shower Curtains

Elegant Bathroom Decorations

Extra notes... Elegant Bathroom Lighting

It is true that lighting makes a huge difference in the level of elegance in a bathroom, or a home for that matter. Stay away from fluorescent lighting, or any office looking lighting, or white light. Choose a soft warm glow instead.

Other Inspirations

My Country Cottage Tub

Blue Elegant Master Bathrooms Beauty

All the best with your decorating. Thank you for reading this page!

Search for more Elegant Master Bathrooms Decorating ideas!

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