Elegant Mother Of Bride Dresses

Shopping for elegant mother of bride dresses? Nonmatronly and stylish mother-of-the-bride dress is more your type?

Soft Champagne Colours

Soft champagne colours is luxurious and tastefully elegant. It is subtle, not over the top, yet it is a celebratory.

You won't look matronly, nor as though you're going to the office, and you won't have to worry about upstaging the bride.

It's soft, beautiful and feminine.

Brightly Colour Dresses

If you keep bold bright colours simple with an elegant brooch, or a long string of pearls, you can still look very elegant but not ostentatious.

Elegant Formal Gowns

Rich colours don't do well on younger women. However, since you are probably an elegant mother attending your daughter's wedding, this will suit.

After going through a wealth of experience, deep satin purple brings out the light in your eyes and expressions on your face, formed by a new found confidence that comes with being a mother. Therefore consider richer colours when shopping for elegant mother of bride dresses!

As an distinguished lady, leave the bare shoulders to the worn by the younger girls.

Instead, aim to create a soft ladylike feel that draws the attention to our eyes, poise and confidence instead of the dress.

Elegant Understatedness

No matter how good your body looks, it is not appropriate to dress 20 years younger than your age.

The idea that "covered up is not sexy" is a myth.

Beautiful Ethnic Clothing

If your daughter or son is having an interracial wedding, all the more opportunity for you to try out these beautiful ethnic gowns rich in culture and tradition as elegant mother of the bride dresses.

The Cheongsam

The chinese cheongsam (pronounced Chong SAH-Um) is often made of a silky and shiny material in many rich colours. Pick one that suits your personality!

The Sari

The Indian Sari is one of the most beautiful mix of fabrics and colours in a dress ever.

elegant mother of the bride dresses
Beautiful modern day saris at a wedding I attended in India

Soft chiffon like material drapes around your neck in bold and bright colours. Wear dangly earrings and shoes with sequines and precious stones.

A Fashion Adaptation of The Sari

Looking for more elegant mother of the bride dresses? Please go to our second page of mother of the bride dresses.

Designers We Recommend for Elegant Mother of The Bride Dresses

  • Diane Von Furstenberg
  • Ann Taylor

    Planning your daughter's wedding? Here is a useful site for mothers planning your daughter's wedding.

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