Elegant Parties - A Coffee

Elegant Parties - 'A Coffee' & Coffee Parties. Learn what 'a Coffee' is, its unspoken dress code and how to throw a coffee party yourself. Adapted from G.Sayles

Want to host an elegant Coffee?

Elegant Party Definition: A coffee is not the same as "having coffee". You know, the type when you ask your girlfriend out to catch up? It's not the same thing.

A Coffee are also known as 'Morning Coffees'. They are small gatherings held in the morning between 9 - 11 am.

Usually you will expect to see a table covered with white table cloth, a centerpiece of fresh flowers, a wide selection of biscuits, shortbread and treats that go well with coffee laid out.

You will have a wide selection of coffee to choose from and a selection of sweets such as honey, sugar, brown sugar and sugar substitute. A wide selection of milk as well as coffee alternatives such as tea.

There will also be dessert made of cakes, fruits, cheeses etc. Everything is usually presented in beautiful china, with the right cutlery, silver trays, lace paper doilies, strainers and the works.

If you have a beautiful garden, living room, or any roomy space, you may attempt to throw this yourself. Otherwise, you can host an elegant coffee at a boutique hotel.

What You'll Need

  1. A large table that can accomodate seats for your guests
  2. White table cloth (damask or lace).
  3. Elegant Centerpiece for table (flowers, fruits etc)
  4. The best china in your house - teacups, sauces, teaspoons, paper doilies
  5. Strainers for tea
  6. Lemon slices, skim milk, cream, sugar, honey, sweeterner
  7. Little plates for food
  8. Linen napkins
  9. Service plates of finger sandwiches, berries, fruit salad with appropriate serving spoons
  10. Pastries, scones, with jam, butter and honey with tongs.
  11. A coffee/tea station with all a variety of coffee and tea, hopefully served by you or a cohostess.
  12. You can also add juice.

Morning Coffees are elegant parties used to

  • Introduce a newcomer
  • Host a shower,
  • Serve as a reception
  • Pay minor social debts
  • Honor a special guest
  • Reunion event

    What To Wear to A Morning Coffee

  • Silk suits, silk dresses but not pants
  • Pastel pink, blue, yellow silk in the spring,
  • White or ivory in the summer
  • Silk or woolens in warm hues like brown, yellow, red and even navy.
  • Don't wear black.
  • Ideally have a clush purse but no floppy shoulder straps.

    See also Elegant Entertaining.

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