Elegant Party Decorations

Elegant party decorations are the most fun part of party planning. Never overlook your party decorations, beautiful and elegant party decor make a big difference in the party atmosphere. It contributes majorly to the success of your party!

Benefits of Elegant Decorating

  • your house looks better
  • the quality of your cuisine and champagne seems better
  • you look more elegant
  • the photos of the party look better, with decorations acting as a backdrop
  • the decor 'entertains' your guests
  • the mood and atmosphere becomes very conducive for an excellent party
  • Basics of Elegant Party Decorating

    How to start?

    Start with a clean and neat palate. Put all clutter away and breakable things such as vases, tall candle holders etc. If you are expecting a number of people at your home, there will be lots of movement and accidents may happen.

    Clear all counters because people tend to want place their drink somewhere.

    Put valuable stuff away or lock them in your rooms. I know your friends will never steal but sometimes things are taken by accident. Other people may bring some friends from work...just to be safe, put your valuables away.

    Scan the room for any possible area where a spillage of wine or sauce is unredeemable. If so, you might want to consider removing or replacing it or put a throw/table cloth over it.

    See Elegant Decorating for your home.

    Read this page to learn the basic elements of an elegant party and get some elegant party ideas.

    Choose an Elegant Theme

    Now that that we have got a clean slate, we can do some elegant party decorating.

    Choose a focus or theme, then build round it with 'elegant home accents'. For example, candles, napkins, centrepiece arrangements, pillows, lights, plants, table cloths etc etc. I've hand picked all these items for ideas below. Laurie Nicola was just a random name I registered when I first found out how to use the program! Enjoy.

    Visual Examples of Elegant Tea Party Decorations

    Hosting a tea party? Here is how to decorate it elegantly.

    Place either a white table cloth or one with an "English Garden Print" as you can see on the bottom right hand corner. Use pretty tea pots with tea cups and saucers, accompanied by silver spoons.

    Ensure there are a wide selection of tea, creamers, and sugars as their colours enhance a colourful effect. Notice the containers they come in, you can get creative here and use beautiful containers, baskets, wooden crates, old tin jars to contain little sugar packets, fruits etc.

    Coffee & Cake Elegant Decorations

    You can also use a coffee colour and use cream and beige accents. Add interesting visual elements like old books, pretty containers, different coffee mugs and cups in shapes and sizes, elegant place mats, a wide array of chocolate and truffles etc etc.

    Elegant Decorations For Your Dinner Party

    A beautiful elegant and simple setting for a dinner party.

    See more elegant decorating ideas.

    Elegant Decorations For Your Theme Party

    Oriental Theme Party

    The use of fans, chopsticks, oriental pictures, lotus candles, oriental paper umbrellas, and the works.

    Breakfast AT Tiffany's Theme Party

    For such a theme party, it is more like a dress-up-the-people than the furniture. An elegant party idea is to have a "prop" table where you provide your guests accessories.

    For instance, for this party, I placed, pearls, hats, feather boas, gloves, cigarette holders, little Tiffany blue boxes, sunglasses for anyone to 'dress themselves up' when they come for my dinner party.

    Audrey Hepburn was the main actress of 'Breakfast at Tiffany's. She was voted the most elegant woman of all time by a recent internet poll. Read more of Audrey Hepburn Bio.

    Pictures of Personal Parties

    Here are some pictures of some of my parties. Notice the props as well as the background. Elegant theme parties make great photo memories! :)

    My Elegant Oriental Theme Party

    I told everyone to come in something oriental. I've had some ninjas, sushi chefs, asian nerd (with side parting of hair and a calculator), padi fields farmers, Chinese, korean, japanese traditiondal dress, geishas, kungfu fighters, samurais, Japanese rappers, and the list goes on. It was a great laugh!

    elegant oriental theme party elegant theme party

    My Elegant Breakfast At Tiffany's Theme Party

    My guests came dressed in lots of bow ties, moustaches, cigars and cigarette holders, black and white, gloves, feathers, sunglasses, feather boas, top hats, suspenders, etc. LOL.

    picture of elegant party picture of elegant party

    Send me some pictures of your elegant parties!

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