Elegant Prom Dresses

Proms are vital to the happy memories of your school life. It is all about the elegant prom dresses and friends isn't it?

To wear a gown or a cocktail dress? That depends on the formality of your event, your personality and perhaps finding "The" dress!

My Own Prom Night Story

I have many happy memories of my own prom night. My own elegant prom dress choice was a rich chocolate cocktail dress with a halter top whose halter strings ran down the low back dress. I wore dainty stilettos with a shimmer black clutch. I had my hair updo done in an upscale salon.

My focus that night was all about a simple dress and a very dressy hair.

I looked different from everyone else who chose long dresses and gowns. No one came in a shorter dress or in a halter neck. Back then, I figured I wanted to look classic, yet different and a little chic. I was very fashion-influenced back then.

I stayed away from the colour black (after all, you have your whole lives to wear black), from looking too mature, the standard gown pattern. I chose something classic, yet adding a little twist and personality into it, adhering to my principle of not compromising on elegance.

P.s. I did not become prom queen but I did win another queen title!

Enjoy the Menu of Elegant Prom Dresses!

Keep it simple, chic and white.

A Contemporary Prom Dress

Contemporary elegance is something you get away with when you are young. Add a little sparkle and shimmer by playing with silvers and fabric that catches and reflects light. Add a secondary colour to "accent" the look.

If it is a dressier ball, go in a lovely chiffon gown.

A less dressier version of the above.

Au Naturel An 'au naturel' look. Go in a beautiful colour, but keep everything else simple - your hair, make up, very minimal accessories.

Eternal Style

This is my favourite. Completely classic and timeless. May edge on the 'plain vanilla' side if you have a larger-than-life personality. But I love it!

Pastels are charming and delightful.

Preppy Elegant Prom Dresses

Navy is another classic elegant colour. It may look a little dull on a young and fair girl but if it has girlish details like ruffles and bows and sashes, you can soften the 'maturity' of the colour.

There are many styles of elegant prom dresses, but the key to looking elegant is refining your taste and picking well. As long as you pay attention to elegant principles, you will get better and better!

Search for more elegant prom dresses!

I enjoyed this page very much. I hope you did too! All the best for your prom night! Love, Eunice

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