Elegant Self control

I'd like to continue to develop self control. I can be very excitable, talkative, and hyper. I don't want to subdue my joyful and childlike nature, but I'd like to talk less so that the words I say are more valuable. I'd also like to think more about my words and speak more slowly.

I'd also like to be more selective about who I socialize and associate with...I want to be around people for whom I have respect, and who can influence me positively.

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Jan 03, 2013
Thank you NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you
-original poster

Jun 18, 2012
Becoming a lady NEW
by: Simply Me

I live in the UK and one day, when my husband and I were both in our mid-twenties, we were walking through the streets of Chelsea in London. Chelsea is one of the wealthiest areas of London -an "old money", aristocratic area.

Suddenly, we came across a house with a sign outside, welcoming the public to come in and view the garden. Curious, we went in to take a look.

Standing in the middle of a small but beautiful garden, surrounded by a handful of her friends, was the elderly lady who owned the house.

She was in her mid to late 80s, dressed in a classic, dark blue jacket and skirt that fitted her perfectly, a pearl necklace and beautifully groomed, silvery hair.

She welcomed us - complete strangers - into her garden and started to chat to us.

She was lovely - calm, relaxed, elegant, well mannered, polite and welcoming. She was a lady in every sense of the word - I expect she had a title.

What really struck me about her was the twinkle in her eye - she obviously still enjoyed life and meeting new people and it showed in her smile and in her eyes.

As we left, I said to my husband, "when I am an elderly lady, I want to be like that"

He agreed that she was amazing and an inspiration.

Twenty years on, and now in our mid-40's, we occassionally remember and talk about the lady in the garden and marvel at that twinkle in her eye.

I work in a ladies clothes shop and occassionally meet a woman who is trying to be ladylike. She may dress the part, but to myself and other sales aassistants she is haughty and dismissive. There is definately no smile or twinkle in her eye, no obvious enjoyment life or meeting other people.

So, whilst you are striving to be elegant and ladylike, don't ever loose your joyfulness and twinkle in your eye. It is what people will love and remember you by.

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