Elegant Sophisticated Woman
Choose Your Way Into Elegance

To become simply sophisticated, choose your way into elegance!

Making good choices is vital to an elegant living, to become a simply sophisticated woman.

The Word, 'Select'

If you study old English, you'll find that the root word of 'Elegance' is select. To become elegant, you must select.

I did a study on the word, 'select'.

The Thesaurus says that 'select' can also mean

pick out, single out, sort out, opt for, decide on, settle on, determine, hand-picked, prime, first rate, first class, superior, finest, best, top-class, superb, excellent, elite, favored, privileged, wealthy.

Isn't that most interesting?

Put Together Your Own Chic List

So, select, be choosy! Putting considerable thought into choices are the foundations of an elegant sophistiated woman.

I know there are some of us who do not like to make decisions (me, actually). However, no matter how indecisive you are, we'd better get savvy at making good choices because it is a life skill that affects the quality of our life!

Making good choices is the art of living well. We cannot simply expect everything to be handed to us. We should not passively accept whatever life or circumstances throw at us. We must know we have the power to change and have the courage to.

So why put together your own chic list?

We also cannot afford the time to go searching and evaluating every opportunity, choice of education, job, friend, single item in the mall etc. More on this later.

Elegant Sophisticated Woman's "Inventory" Take

Take an inventory of yourself and life, as part of the 'exercise' and journey to an elegant sophisticated woman.

Yes, right now. You cannot improve what you don't measure.

To live better, there must be some sort of measure. You need to know what you are good at, as well as the areas that you're not so good at.

For instance, if you would like to spend more time with your children, you'll have to look at your schedules thoroughly, shift things around and see if you could get something done more efficiently to accommodate more time with the kids.

I'll set my own to use as an example. Use this template or formulate your own. It does not have to be very structured but simply helps you 'measure' your life.

Elegant Sophisticated Woman's Life Inventory Take

Name: Eunice Leong-Tan.

Goals: Be creative, be financially independent, be a family-first person, have a social life.

Be creative: read, blog, write, plan dinner parties, decorate my home.

Financially Independent: Do something I love so it is not like work.

Family-first person: Be a wife and mother first. Leave those things that are not constructive for the family.

Have a social life: Make an effort to celebrate my friends' birthday, plan dinners, coffees and the occasional elegant party. Be selective and not be involved into too many social engagements.

Church: Make it a family day after church on the weekend.

Exercise: Try to get 10,000 steps a day, do my ballet stretches once a week, and cycling with family and friends randomly. Try to ski during winter, play tennis and golf randomly.

Health: Try to sleep well, eat veggies and fruits and drink water. Eat whatever in smaller portions.

Beauty: I'm seeking what is best for my skin, and pay attention to my make up, care, sleep, water intake etc. I have a list of recommended beauticians and doctors which I see whenever.

As time is important to me, I try to say no to unnecessary activities. For instance, a couple of years ago, I was writing for a fashion magazine. I used to get quite a number of media invites to parties.

We have to try to seek balance in everything. If you do not have the time, do not attempt to do more than you should.

Try to remember what you are good at and only work on your strengths. A tip I've learned from John C Maxwell!

Want To Achieve? Make Lists

I constantly make lists. I am a list-maker.

By making lists, I get things done as I tick things off. There is also a sense of accomplishment. It takes the stress off as well.

You don't have to try to remember or over think it. I keep a notepad near my bed when I sleep. Sometimes I get insomnia by thinking about all the things I need to do the next day. So instead, I write them down and feel at peace that I won't forget them tomorrow morning

List all the things you need to do in the house (see Flylady!), all the things you need for work, make a travel-packing list and use it for the rest of your life. Have fun! :)

I've covered more on this topic in my e-book, Secrets to Elegance.

Thank you for reading 'Elegant Sophisticated Woman'!

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