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Visual Example Formal Table

I guess pictures do speak better than a thousand words so instead of trying to describe every single look of elegant decorations, I thought it would be best to illustrate with pictures .

Elegant Table Decorations Idea: Simple Flowers In Jars

elegant table decoration 1
There is something so elegant about simplicity. Photo credit: nhearon2003

Silver Platter or maybe Mirrors and Candle

elegant table decoration 2
A good way to add an elegant sparkle Photo credit: Elin B

Traditional Elegance

The origins of luxury can be found in this setting.

elegant table decoration 3
Always with dark wood and white with beautiful china and crystal glasses. Photo credit: Carroll Mary

Your Surroundings Influence the Atmosphere

Don't have a balcony facing the sea? Try setting up your dinner party against your library as a backdrop. The massive titles is sure to spark curiosity and encourage elegant conversation.

Stick to simple styles that will complement the variety and activity that the library already adorns.

elegant table decoration 4
Incredible knowledge as a your party starter Photo credit: thn26987

Use Baby Colours

Setting for a tea party? Or maybe breakfast with the girls or are you celebrating your little girl's birthday with grown-ups and in style? Select a beautiful pastel colour palette to go against the green. Choose white porcelain little teapots, of bunnies, birds, eggs that remind you of the books you read when you were a child.

elegant table decoration 5
Perfect for a tea party. Photo credit: jcann

Cookies and Milk

Though I prefer coffee, decaf for anytime after 6 pm please. I love little wooden traps and glass jars. We definitely do not use them enough.

It is also great to use those little gift mugs of fine bone china that I've received as gift over the years. I have so many and they do not match to the general house mugs but its great that I can pull them out now.

elegant table decoration 6
A supper party with sumptuous cookies and decaf coffee. Photo credit: Grynoka

Use your fine china, best silver and crystals

A very simple table decoration that can be used daily for family meals. Why do we always save the best china and crystal ware for guests? I should take out my finest silver and use them everyday.

elegant table decoration 7
I love the fine linen and the napkin ring. Photo credit: love yellow

Easy as Daisies!

Where I live, daisies are one of the most affordable flowers in the flower shop. How pretty you can set your table with some easy to wash (and bleach) white table linen and an ordinary glass made extraordinary when filled with daisies!

Add some white candles and white sugar bowls for variety.

elegant table decoration 9
Simple in white and daisies. Photo credit: cbder

Using Black For Elegance

Many cultures shy away from using black as their decoration but note how in this picture, it is accented by hints of purple and then the focus is on the sparkling glassware!

elegant table decoration 10
Black is the perfect backdrop for shiny things. Photo credit: jalvear

Printed Plates

I've always found printed plates not easy to work with but it is interesting how lace is worked in. Add a few berries, flowers in the background and you'll find your food interesting when eaten from a plate which is really a work of art.

elegant table decoration 11
Pretty printed plates. Photo credit: kayellen

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