Elegant Table Decorations

Elegant table decorations are more than just centerpieces.

It reflects your personality. It sets the mood and atmosphere of your party. It generates excitement. Your elegant party decorations induces great company and conversation. It's visually indulgent. Elegant table decorations make pretty photographs and pretty photos don't lie.

I tried to stay away from traditional elegant table decorations, the types you see at weddings and big events. You can find them in everywhere in the many beautiful wedding blogs.

I definitely do not have the best collection though I hope you'll find some inspiration and good ideas here.

Most of these DIY Elegant Table Decorations ideas are simple, elegant and easy to do!

Elegant Romantic - For Day and Night

Simple elegance, with feminine twist. I love this elegant romantic style. Completely fuss free and easy to do. It is perfect for large scale events like weddings, or for when you host a birthday party at home.

Garden Party Elegance

Everyone loves an elegant garden party!

Plan your next dinner party with a tasteful mix of variety with a colour theme. Elegant decorations does not always have to be matchy-matchy.

Elegant Afternoon Tea

I love the play of colours. Even though there is no obvious "theme colour", the colour combination resembles an little cottage garden. This picture makes me want to host a tea party, really soon!

Rustic Country Elegance

I love this homemade feel.

Creative use of colour used to accentuate this very simple arrangements of flowers. Very lovely.

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