Elegant Updos
How To Style Your Own Hair Elegantly

Elegant Updo - How To Style Your Hair Elegantly by doing it yourself! Related Searches: Elegant Updos, elegant formal hairstyles - easy and elegant, elegant prom hairstyles, elegant celebrity updos

When life gets busy, it trains you to be elegant and efficient. Elegance brings you back to the basics and you realize that God (and elegance) is all about the details.

Mastering your skill on on how to do your updos elegantly saves time. It also saves the effort to make that trip to that hair salon!

Don't know how? Invest some minutes in watching these videos I've filtered on how to do your own elegant updo. Believe me, there are many less-than-awesome hair videos on youtube!

Classic French Twist

Depending on how fine and silky your hair is, use hairspray too.

Don't know what french bobby pins look like? I've included a picture here for you.

elegant updos

An alternate video on How to Do The French Twist

Elegant Hair Using Ribbons

Ribbons can look chic when used the right way, giving a classic sort of look.

Using a black ribbon can add to a sophisticated yet understated look.

Elegant Updo With a Pouf and Hairband

This is also a personal favourite elegant formal hairstyle.

Though with my heavy and flat hair, I have to tease my hair a lot with a teasing comb and use a lot of hairspray.

I sometimes even resort to using hair extensions in there to create a puffier look.

Elegant Updo Tip

Use a good quality hair spray, preferably ones sold from a hair salon and a good quality teasing comb, otherwise it simply a waste of money.

A Soft Elegant Updo

Personally, I adore the softer look over the gelled, shiny, pulled back perfect look. It feels more feminine and hides any harsh angles on your face.

Princess Leia Inspired Elegant Updo

French bobby pins come in very handy here too.

Audrey Hepburn Style Elegant Updo

There are all sorts of hair tools for sale today. There are Bumpits Hair Volumizing Leave-In Inserts 3 ea, hair pads etc.

And, we all know that Audrey Hepburn never goes out of style. See more Audrey Hepburn Hairstyles.

The Classic Hair Bun

I first learned to do the Classic Hair Bun when I was a ballet student.

This video doesn't show you exactly how but here is how you do it:

1. Tie a Ponytail then twist hair and continue twisting until it wraps itself around the rubberband of the ponytail.

2. Use French bobby pins to hold it together or use a hair stick (can't remember what it is called). It looks like half a pair of chopsticks.

I shall leave you to it.

Learning how to do an elegant updo takes time. Don't be too hard on yourself. Have fun and practice alot!

Oh, check out Elegant Celebrity Updos for extra motivation!

Thank you for reading 'Elegant Updos'!

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