Elegant Wedding Cakes Ideas

Elegant Wedding Cakes Ideas - Picking your wedding cake?

Elegant Wedding Cakes are a work of art on its own.

It can be overwhelming for what seems a small task (to pick a wedding cake) amongst the many other things to deal with when it comes to wedding planning.

The simplest way to go about it is to choose a cake design according to your theme. No theme? Pick colours similar to your colour scheme. Otherwise, stick with creams and white and keep it simple!

The Significance of Elegant Wedding Cakes

In order to be elegant, try to have an overall unifying focus. Stay away from having a mass jumble of everything and nothing. Incorporate some meaning into the details, work everything around one thing. A theme. A focus. You. A special meaning.

A Story of Elegance

An important story I remember my old french teacher was telling me. When America wanted to bring McDonald's into France, starting with Paris, the French resisted fervently as they wanted to keep France 'authentic'. Finally, world globalisation took over and the governors eventually relented, however, they made a request - to whether they could change the colours of red and yellow to something more tasteful, perhaps blue and brown so that it would match the beauty of the city.

What a powerful story to remember in our journey of elegance.

About two years ago, I was in Paris and I eagerly looked for McDonald's. I noticed that it was true that from the outside, you could not see the trademark red and yellow, (which you usually could spot it a mile away.) Instead, it was a cream coloured canopy over the shop, very much like a traditional french bakery, with a black "M", which looked civilized, and indeed in tune with the beautiful elegant building.

Beautiful Wedding Cakes Ideas and Inspirations

Note: If you click on the pictures, it will give you more information of the cake.

Feel free to print it this page if you like to show your baker what you like.

Roses or Country Garden Flowers Themed Cake

Perfectly suitable for an elegant garden party or in a marquee wedding.

Rich Chocolate Themed Cake

Black and White Themed Cake

Perfectly charming for your black tie or white tie event.

Elegant Motifs Themed Cake

Beautiful and lovely.

Need more ideas for elegant wedding cakes? Please click to see our Elegant Wedding Cakes Gallery.

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