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Elegant Wedding Dresses & Elegant Bridal Gowns - The Elegant Woman's Interpretation

I tend to shy away from traditional wedding dress i.e. the tube top ball gown. Though I've long outgrown high fashion, now preferring elegance, my previous fashion obsession influences my style choices.

While the elegant bridal tube top ball gown is a classic, the original wedding dress was a slim one. Neither was it white. Those who could not afford a new dress, simply wore their best dress. The pouffy white dress was probably made popular at Napolean's grand wedding. It is the royal princess style that is still popular today.

How to choose the 'one' in a mass of elegant wedding gowns? Aim for authenticity, grace, flow and beauty. Choose something that is 'you'. Don't try to be someone you are not. Instead of opulence, modelish looks, over spending and indulgence, extravagance, a loud type of glamour.

So what is my take on elegant wedding dresses? I've illustrated with images (see disclaimer) below.

To achieve a sure-fire elegant look, here are some elegant wedding dress ideas

Elegant Wedding Gowns Idea One - Rich Fabrics

Choose simple designs with rich fabrics. You can either dress it up with accessories, stay vigilant to simplicity or personalize your style with meaningful accessories.
elegant wedding dress

Elegant Wedding Gowns Idea Two - Glamorous Details

For a more elegant glamorous look (note it is elegant first, glamorous second).

Choose a more formal dress, a dress that you cannot wear to your best-friend’s cocktail party.

elegant wedding dress by Barbie
Who better than to inspire the future generations of elegance?

elegant glamorous bride

elegant glamorous bride
Wearing white feathers adds just that tasteful bit of glamour.

Elegant Wedding Gowns Idea Three - Vintage Inspiration

Be inspired by vintage! Vintage styles always add a sort of chic. This is my personal favorite, though I tend to add touches of modern understated glamour.
elegant glamorous bride

elegant glamorous chic bride

See also 50s Style Wedding Dress Gallery

Elegant Wedding Gowns Idea Four - Ooze Chicness

Elegant-chic is more your thing? More a fuss free girl? Chic weddings are so budget-friendly yet so amazingly elegant and tasteful.
vintage elegant brides

Audrey Hepburn Wedding Dress
Audrey Hepburn's second wedding had a lot of chic.

See more of simple, elegant chic wedding dresses and more simple wedding dresses here too.

So here is a brief outlay of my choices of elegant bridal gowns for an elegant bride. Once you have decided what type of style you are, you can start exploring the cut, shape of the dress taking into account your budget and body type.

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